Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Have just eaten meringue made by my sister - had leftover egg whites from pasta carbonara (dinner) & she decided that meringue was the way to go. Unfortunately, all of the recipes the Internet had to offer involved things we didn't have in the cupboard (see: castor sugar, cream of tartar (seriously, what kind of flat has cream of tartar? come on, Google, cut us some slack)) & so she did what our family has done since the age of time when confronted with a cooking problem: make up your own recipe. So now we have all eaten (and politely commented on) what is essentially sweet, vanilla-flavoured poached eggs. Sadly, the vanilla did not mask the taste of egg. They bear a startling resemblance to a Japanese sweet/savoury jellied treat. Weird.

Anyway, this post wasn't originally intended to be a discussion of ways not to make meringue. I've forgotten what it was intended to be a discussion of. Probably just a forum for me to bang on about Plot, Lack Of (as in, Novel, not as in 'I have lost the plot')

On a completely unrelated note (how unlike me! I can see this post just being a list of unrelated things which have caught my attention), I am enjoying the ampersand today. &! Punctuation is very aesthetically pleasing. So are fonts. I am capable of spending a stupid amount of time messing about in Word trying out all the different fonts and then, when I'm done with that, trying them out in bold, and italic, and with strikethrough, and with double strikethrough, and with shadow, and embossed...you get the point. Strangely, I only seem to do this when I'm at work.

New fad: iced tea! Iced tea is the new (un-iced) green tea. Iced tea is the new spirulina (although it probably doesn't make your chest magically grow). Iced tea is the new...hey, I have a plot now! (I promise I'm not writing a novel about iced tea.)

"Claire used to eat 70 packets of crisps a week." Jamie Oliver is singlehandedly overhauling the health of a small English town, or perhaps province, that I have forgotten the name of. It makes me feel tired. Is it a worry that my first reaction to Claire's chip habit is, "Oh, that's ten packets a day, I could probably eat that many?" Mmm, chips. The vending machine at work will be the end of me. I have eaten much more recently in the interests of 'taking better care of myself.' Good theory, but I think I may've gone from one extreme to the other. Size of a house! A house full of chips.

I don't have an alarm clock any more - this is my first night without one since losing my phone. I mean, I do have one - but I'm not sure I know how to work it. I am terribly, terribly afraid of waking up really late and missing work. Gah! I'm sure I won't - I'll probably wake up every half hour in a sweat-drenched panic that it's 9am and I'm NOT AT WORK - but it is still terrifying. Think I will sleep on the uncomfortable couch to minimise chances of me sleeping through everything. Wish me luck.

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