Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plotno, sleepno, fundsno! Workyes.

Dear Readers: Due to extreme tiredness and inability to form grammatically correct sentences, today's blog post will be delivered in list format.

Things I Have

- a beer
- a cough
- this blog stuck on bold, somehow
- resulting formatting issues
- a spot on my chin
- a lot of work to do tomorrow
- one grandmother trying to guilt trip me into going home for Christmas ("But this could be the last Christmas we all get to spend together!" Is bloody grim)
- small blob of spit on my computer screen (gross; stupid cough)
- a friend who has bought $500 worth of cactus
- a remarkably good heater
- a remarkably large power bill
- a list of friends to have round for Christmas dinner
- to go to bed soon

Things I Do Not Have

- an alarm clock (although I woke up just fine this morning)
- any desire to go to work tomorrow
- any desire to smoke
- stupid plot for stupid novel for stupid november
- desire to go home for Christmas for one day
- a feasibility study (I just like that phrase. I still think you can get away with anything by claiming that you're conducting a feasibility study.)
- confidence in my computer not to freeze
- a life-threatening illness (felt list was getting a little negative.)

Things I Did Today

- wrote a letter to my friend in Canada
- some work
- had a bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese
- emailed my sister
- went to the supermarket
- became slightly depressed by my lack of meaningful achievements

Things to Do Tomorrow

- go to work (sigh)
- do some work, at work
- finish letter to friend in Canada, also at work (in breaks, naturally)
- call power company re: remarkable bill
- make porridge for breakfast

Things I Think About Porridge

- it is difficult to spell (to 'd' or not to 'd'?)
- it warms up the insides
- it is best served with brown sugar and yoghurt
- it is one of the friendliest foods
- it is a Good Start to the Day
- it is satisfyingly quick to prepare
- it tastes delightfully nutty and oaty
- I am already looking forward to having it for breakfast tomorrow
- there is nothing wrong with that!

And I wonder why my blog doesn't have more readers.

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