Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gotta put some wheels in motion

And no, not in a Vengaboys way, although that was a pretty good song when I was however old I was when it was released. I am getting Organised to move cities – the more I do this, the less I can be bothered and the more tempting it is to stay here and not have to do any of the following things:
- find job agency in Christchurch
- book ferry tickets
- start to think about packing things
- resign self to living with parents
- deal with Christchurch weirdos making bizarre emotional demands
and so on. The good news is that I will no longer be living with someone who doesn’t pay the power bill, which is in my name – but let’s not talk about that or I shall become Angry, and I spent about half an hour this morning being Angry and it wasn’t any fun, so I am not going to do it again.

I wish travelling wasn’t so expensive…I either have to pay for Dad to bring himself and the car across on the ferry ($220 each way (!) and that’s not including me) and then petrol to Christchurch, or I have to throw out about half my possessions. Or make two trips – one by plane in the next couple of weeks, and then one by ferry then bus when I move properly. I really need to get sorted. It’s sooner than I think. Anyone with bright ideas about how to transport everything I own, please leave note in Comments section. Also, anyone who feels like a wee ferry trip to Picton and back in early January and is happy to a) pay for themselves and b) take my home on their back, also please leave comment.

Maybe I should just throw/give away everything that isn’t absolutely essential (i.e. clothes I never wear, books I read once and won’t reread)? I could probably pare it down to 4 or so suitcases and that would be alright to do in one ferry trip. I think. If I had a trolley waiting at the terminal, and was prepared to briefly rely on the kindness of strangers when the trolley fell over and I was left teary and tugging futilely at an enormous suitcase which was refusing to right itself, and my bus was leaving in two minutes and I was still in the terminal building. God I hate travelling.

Actually, total lie – I love travelling. It is moving that I hate. I might see how much stuff I can get rid of, starting tonight. I am far too much of a hoarder anyway. Goodbye, useless things! Farewell, materialistic trappings of life! Hello, monastic, minimalist existence! Ew. I like stuff. Even stuff like clothes I never wear and books I’ve read once and won’t reread. This is no fun.

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