Monday, December 08, 2008


Yes, life is exciting. Yes, I am moving cities and getting a new job and bought a great pair of red boots the other day on sale but I am still really bored. I suspect it’s work, which is slowing down hugely coming up to Christmas. I have about 20 things to do today (normally I have about 80), and none of them are things that I particularly want to do or have any interest in doing. Sadly, this is my job (for another three weeks, anyway) and so the things have to be done, but…I am bored.


As per usual, lunch is going to be the highlight of my day – am going to nice Asian place (same one as last week) with three work friends (same ones as last week). Every time I go there, I think “Ooh, today I’m going to have something different, not the teriyaki squid,” and toss up between about five menu options and irritate the rest of the table by vocalising every swing of my indecision. Then the waitress (am not being sexist, they don’t seem to have any boy wait staff), who inevitably has horrible bitten-to-the-quick nails with chipped polish (pet hate), comes over and says “Are you ready to order,” and everyone else is and I am not and so I panic and shout “Squid! Teriyaki squid!” and then spend the next twenty minutes being annoyed with myself for not branching out. Then the squid arrives and it is as delicious as ever, and I am reassured. This is exactly the same behaviour I exhibit every time I go out for brunch (“Hmm, pancakes…but then they also have smoked salmon on potato cakes…” “Are you ready to-” “Eggs Benedict! Eggs Benedict!”) and every time I go to Subway (“Hmm, maybe I would like the Steak and Cheese sub today, or maybe…” “What would you-” “Gah! Chicken fillet on white with Swiss cheese and just lettuce and olives and ranch and honey mustard dressing and a little bit of salt and pepper! Fresh!”). But not today, no sir – today I will make a foray into the culinary jungle. (“Teriyaki squid!”)

Had a dream last night that a Christchurch-based friend and I were madly in love and also kind of guerrilla fighters attempting to overcome an army of machine insects. We fought off these glowing insect Transformer-esque monsters in a video-game setting (as you do - very nuclear sunrise) and then went to a black-tie ball and danced for hours. Seriously, we rocked. Reality is boring. Was thinking of emailing Christchurch friend and telling them about this but a) other people’s dreams are boring, even when you’re in them and b) am pretty sure they’d take it the wrong way and actually try to become futuristic robo-vigilante love interest. This would be a little inappropriate, although interesting.

Wow, the nail on my left hand little finger sure has got long. As have my toenails. I should really cut them.

My workmate Kristy wanted to be mentioned in this post I believe – sorry, Kristy, to give the toenails higher billing than you, but they are pretty freakin’ long (and gross). Kristy has just walked past and said “Am I in it?” (Stop nagging me, bitch.) She knows I’m writing a post because about ten minutes ago she emailed me and said, ‘You know what you should write another blog’ (or something like that, I deleted the email), and I replied all like ‘Oh do you know what I am doing right now.’ Obviously we are joined at the mind. Kristy is going to have to help me order something different at lunch today. I hope she is prepared for this.

Moving update: moving all my stuff via moving company is a lot cheaper than I thought, only about $200. When I remember the name of the moving company, I will pimp it. Whatever that means.

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