Monday, January 05, 2009

Celebrating Success

Thought for the day: people should celebrate the success of others loudly and publicly, and their own successes quietly and in the privacy of their own home. Why is it that people don't do this?

I mean, I am quite capable of going OH MY GOD I INSTALLED A PROGRAM ALL BY MYSELF TODAY (I did, too! And I put up a bookshelf, and it is still up) - but that's different really to going I AM SO FREAKIN' AWESOME WITH MY (actually fairly unimpressive to anyone outside my immediate family) LIFE AND JOB AND RELATIONSHIP AND PERSONALITY. We all think we're superior to everyone else. But it's not polite to say so. Get over it. Talk about the weather or something.

Backstory: I've just caught up with a friend who insisted on telling me in excruciating detail how they've overhauled their personality, life, habits etc this year (well, last year), and the amazing impact it's had on their job (they're still useless at it, but I did not say this) and their relationship (which is still dysfunctional, but I did not say this either) and their friendships (obviously these need work). It was pretty much a coffee date where I sat there and they reeled off a list of 'achievements' and I went 'mmm.'

I'm not being dog-in-the-manger-y; I'm all for people being successful and happy and achieving things. Some people just take themselves far too seriously, is all. You are not Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil would tell you to get real.

Anyway, I am now feeling a bit less self-indulgently miserable about living in Chch - admittedly it does still suck but now I am resigned to the suckage. I am trying to install a game which keeps saying "You need Version 6 of this thing before I will work." I have downloaded Version 6 of the thing, but the game is now going "Version 6? I don't see no Version 6?" "Look, I downloaded it just for you!" "I can't hear you, I can't hear you" "LOOK IT'S RIGHT THERE" "BANANAS IN MAH EARS!" So yeah I'm going to go back to wrangling with that for a while.

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