Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gather ye roses

Dog control man came round today - our cranky old neighbour keeps complaining about the dog barking, "particularly the small one." We only have one, and as dogs go he's on the bigger side of medium (he's a bearded collie (no, not a border collie, it's a separate breed,)) so Neighbour Lady is either mental or vindictive. Possibly both. She's decided that all of the barking in the neighbourhood emits from our back garden, and has made it her mission in life to Eliminate Our Dog. She wrote yet another very rude letter to the dog control people - luckily they think she is a nutter as well, so our dog isn't affected. But it's still annoying.

After the dog man had gone, I went out to our garden and picked a HUGE bunch of Neighbour Lady's roses, which are sort of on our side of the fence but not really. Ha ha ha, you old bat. I hope that you go to rose shows, and that your prizewinning bloom is now sitting in magnificent splendour on our dining room table.

Did anything else happen today? I went for a walk with the dog. He did a large and time-consuming poo by the side of a busy road and interrupted a teenage couple making out on the riverbank by leaping out of the river, leaping through their entwined bodies, and shaking vigorously. How embarrassing.

Oh, and Kelly left a comment on my last post saying that she loved my graphs (thank you!) and so now you all get to learn something about my daily food intake, which today went a little something like this -


Kelly Evans (UK) said...

I am honoured! Keep up the good work :)

Kelly Evans (UK) said...

Aren't candy canes one of the five main food groups?