Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today is not my birthday.

Currently hiding from Kate, who is busy repaying my generosity in offering to dyeing her hair (and subsequent hideous ginger dye job & appropriately insulting new nicknames) by playing loud Jonas Brothers tunez. Specifically, that 'slipping into the lava one.' The one that sounds like something Maroon 5 would have written if they were younger and a little more camp.

I'm slipping into the lava/I'm one of the Jonas Brothers/I wish I was old enough to be in a band where they don't make you wear a promise ring/Oh well I'm still significantly richer than you.

Probably not the actual words, but then you never know.

Did you know you can buy heated fingerless gloves that plug into your USB port? Like electric blankets for your hands. They're going on my Useless Novelties wishlist, right next to the towel that has BUTT printed on one end and HEAD on the other.

Have found a site which has collected images of things people have written on money. An alarming number of people seem to write their shopping lists on $20 bills. Actually makes sense if you think about it - you don't need the list after you've been to the supermarket, and you're not going to forget to take it with you. Save trees! Deface money. It may be the ultimate act of hippiedom. Maybe I should alert the hippie faction. I'm not actually sure if we have a hippie faction (hippie faction, hippie faction. Ridiculously fun to say quickly). I think the majority of Christchurch's hippies are actually just stoners.

Going to a comedy show tonight. I hope it's funny.

Am feeling flat. Below is a graph of how my day has gone so far, with important events noted. I
realise the thought of this becoming a graph-a-day blog is a horrendous one. I'll try and exercise a little more self-control in future.

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Kelly Evans (UK) said...

I love your graphs. Keep 'em coming.