Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Statistics*

* I drew some graphs in Paint

Today I applied for three jobs and then realised that out of the three, I actually only want one of them. The one that I'm least likely to get. (It's as a recruitment consultant, for interest's sake - the other two are sales jobs which are pretty much identical to the one I just left, except I'd be selling different stuff. One is for health insurance. The other is for freighting. What was I thinking?)

As a result of this, I have developed a (completely unsubstantiated) theory that the more enjoyable a job is, the less likely I am to be offered it.

I have drawn a graph to illustrate my findings (fig. A) - let y be my potential enjoyment of the job, and let x be the likelihood of this job being offered to me.

Here is a bonus graph of how I rate various jobs in terms of fun and money.

Tomorrow I am going to do something productive.

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a cat of impossible colour said...

Very nice graphs.

The word verification is fordninjas! I wonder what fordninjas would be like?