Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bubble & Quiz

Am sitting with a nice cup of tea, trying to get some writing done. Had about three days of relative productivity this week, then Kristy sent me Bubble, and now I am even worse than I was before! Feel like sending Bubble to everyone in the world and watching civilization crumble in an obsessive bubble-popping epidemic. Will probably delete Bubble tomorrow during a moment of strength, then wonder how I ever survived without it, email Kristy, and get it back again. If nothing else, I will go to my grave an expert at shooting small coloured bubbles at each other.

Hey, for all I know, that might be the test to get into Heaven.

I keep flicking between screens to shoot a few more bubbles, and then remembering that I closed it in a fit of willpower about five minutes ago. Will undoubtedly have little bubbly dreams tonight.

I am getting a ridiculous amount of responses on Find Someone (Mental). Why is this? I know I joined it as a joke, but still...some of them look quite nice. Not as nice as DVD Boy, though. Although they may be over 18, which DVD Boy is probably not. I really must stop going to the video store all the time, he will begin to suspect something is up!

Have jumped on the badwagon (meant bandwagon, but badwagon slightly more apt) of going to pub quiz every Monday night with Mum, Kate, Aunt and Cousin. It's really weird being at a pub quiz and not getting pissed. The upside is that you tend to do better in the quiz, and there's little chance of The Cowboy Episode being repeated. The Cowboy Episode happened at a pub quiz some years ago - as part of a mid-quiz contest, I rode a friend around the room shouting cowboy things, much to the delight of the pub in general. We got a free jug of beer, which it's safe to say we didn't really need. Ah, those were the days. Well, those are the days I'll look fondly back on in my 70's. What a worrying thought.

Still no job, still no money, still no concern!

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