Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Find Someone Mental, Part 2

Browsing FindSomeone is ridiculously addictive.

Here are my picks of the day - I guess if this list had a title, it would be something along the lines of 'Things People Write On Their FindSomeone Profile in the Misguided Hope that Others will Find Them Attractive.' Go on, laugh at them. It's not mean of you. After all, no-one made them put their innermost thoughts on the Internet. (I assume.)

- "Im not asking for much you know, because i am NOT perfect, and so do you." I'm not sure quite what that sentence is supposed to mean, but luckily he clarifies: "am looking for a lady who knows how to be attractive to her man, a lady who knows how spoil him as i appreciate her." Oh. Right then.

- "just lik ever1 im just lokn 4 da rite person." Keep lokn, buddy.

- "Hobbies: Pissing my name on the sidewalk. I also design animal biscuits." He's a cute pilot. He can have whatever hobbies he wants.

- "Hey ladies if you want to meet a fun guy, good looking, really cool down to earth sort of person Ill give you me mate Daves number :) or you could get to know me, Im not that bad" Aww, what a cute introduction! Maybe I'll send him a message...asking for Dave's number.

- "Im currently primary teaching...I believe my enthusiasm wears off on the kids." It's certainly worn off on me. He does, however, have "fingers like a bunch of bananas." Is this a good thing?

- "well... im very goal orinintated, luv my work and have a sucessful bisinuss silf employed."
Doing what?

- "This photo's not me, but I didn't have any others." Oh. OK then. Presumably that photo is of your dad, then. I hope he doesn't mind.

- "(on technology):Love it hehe yay new toys! ^_^ lol im not a nerd....much...^_^... stop looking at me like that ..o_O...STOP IT lol :-)" AWWW. I just want to give him a hug! (>^-^)>

- "I like to spend time in the outdoors, snowboarding, running, ice-skating going to the beach, sometimes I just like to sit back and relax on the beach or watch a vid on the couch with a bottle of wine, with the right person that is." Perfect! If only he wasn't a ginger.

Do you know what is also ridiculously addictive, but really shouldn't be?

Chillax, the bastard child of 'relax' and 'chill'. As in, 'Just chillax, dude.' As in, 'I'm just going to get a coffee and chillax.' It is one of those words which is intensely annoying when other people use it, but makes you feel trendy when you use it yourself.

What have I been doing, besides browsing FindSomeoneMental? Not much, really. Just chillaxing. And hey, before you go gettin' all judgmental on me for using the 'c' word, at least 'jobhunt' is on there.

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