Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guest Graph

This post features a graph Not Actually Made By Me, and therefore higher in quality than most of the graphs featured in this blog. I was going to put it at the end, but then I'd have to live with the soul-crushing knowledge that every one of my three readers will immediately skip my pretentious ramblings and scroll right to the bottom of the post to see the graph. So here it is already, you impatient bastards. I chose this graph because it pretty much sums up my life:

song chart memes

Ouch, right? Anyone else? No? Just me, then!

So I started taking Spanish lessons yesterday. So far the highlight of the course has been having a legitimate reason to say 'muchacho.' It's conversational Spanish, so as well as saying Muchacho! with a sense of extreme self-satisfaction we got up and wandered around introducing ourselves to everyone, which sounds like this:

"Hola." "Hola." "Uhh...como te llamas?"
"Me llamo...Ally!"
Relieved noise from both parties.

"Me llamo Nina!"
Embarrassed, tension-relieving laughter, followed by pregnant pause caused by mutual realisation that we have both run out of Spanish.
"I like your hair."
Someone else joins the group.
ALL, with gusto: "Hola! Como te llamas?"

It's fun, though, and my class has a few interesting people in it, so it should be good. Will keep you in suspense on the subject of hot Spaniards/Latin lovers (mainly because there aren't any). There is a Brazilian gentleman, although I am suspicious of his motives in joining the class because I always though Brazil was Spanish-speaking anyway (perhaps it is Portuguese)? However more excitingly there is an emo kid for me to dote on. If my penchant for emo kids isn't amusing enough, imagine a skinny eyelinered twenty-something with straightened black hair mumbling about muchachos, and you'll be able to share the fun.

If nothing else, it'll stop me watching Coronation St on Tuesdays, and now that Top Chef is back on Thursdays are also in jeopardy...only Fridays are left me, which leads in turn to me calling my father more for Coro updates. So learning Spanish is improving family relations. Also it makes me sound more dashing. Ready to be dashed?

Adios, muchachos y muchachas!

(See? So much better than "goodbye, boys and girls!" I'm pretty sure 'muchachos' would've done, but better too much Spanish than too little, right? Right?)


Kelly said...

¡Muy bien!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Spanish lessons! Buena idea. Tengo hambre. That last statement was somewhat unrelated.

Brazil is indeed Portuguese-speaking.