Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Waterslide of Insanity

Because why should the descent into madness have to be unpleasant?
I'm not sure what I'm wearing there but I'm definitely shouting "Whee!"

(Also, swap 'Time' and 'Sanity' around. Then the graph will actually make sense. Sorry.)

Word of the day: retardis! Used to refer to someone who is far stupider than they appear.

You know, people who appear to have everything sorted and then you go out for a cigarette and when you come back they've eaten a glue stick, shredded the recycling and accidentally deleted your hard drive.

As in, "Jim made that enormous mistake? But he seems so....normal! I thought he had everything under control!" "Yeah. He's kind of a Retardis."

(If you're confused right now, google 'tardis'.)

My life is BORING.
Apparently Fritos are awesome?


Mr London Street said...

Ah, a bit like the term "low resolution fox" which describes someone who looks really attractive until you get up close.

IT IS ALLY said...

Haha, that's a great term! I shall start using it immediately

Hemmo said...

Hello - I found this page as I was looking for Birthday and Waterslide. It actually IS my birthday this Friday - turning 30 - and as a great lover of waterslides I made this video to try to win a trip to the best ones on the planet.

I wonder if you'd be so nice as to vote for me, or better still to post the video to your lovely blog?


IT IS ALLY said...

DONE. See top post on blog. Good luck!