Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Three Beautiful Things

1. A butterfly landed on me! I was out on the porch having a cigarette enjoying the fresh air and drinking a coffee, when a buttefly landed on my wrist! Unfortunately I thought it was a bug and went BLEEURGH and shook it off.

2. I saw a babybanker at the mall! I use the term 'babybanker' to describe anyone who looks too young for their suit, and I think they're really cute. Not cute as in 'lewd chuckle people make when they're pretending to be French' but cute as in, 'aww, look at him, he's wearing a little suit! Is he in a little suit? Yes he is!' in the voice you use when you talk to your dog.

3. I had a conversation with the dog! I think. We were having a dog hug (I lie on the floor on my side facing Charlie, who is doing the same, then we wrap our front legs/arms round each other and have a hug) and he made a happy dog noise. So I made a happy dog noise. Then he made a relaxed dog noise, and I made an inquisitive dog noise, and he made another happy dog noise. Then I said "Do you want to go for a walk later?" and he made an affirmative dog noise. (If you type 'noise' enough it looks really weird and you think perhaps you might have spelt it wrong, but you haven't.)

*if you're unfamiliar with the concept visit www.threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com


Kaileigh said...

I like the three beautiful things idea :)

Holly said...

So do I, especially the dog hug, lol! I'm guessing he doesn't still smell bad/resent you for making a moustache from his hair? :P

Wiz said...

I like the 3BT (source blog) idea in essence, but boy, is it annoying to read....apologies to the 187 followers....EEK!

Wiz said...

That's 167 followers...sorry, talking it up, there....EEK EEK