Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ally Has A Hangover*

*I figured there was nothing that could really follow the 100% GUARANTEED AWESOMNITY Haiku post, and so today normal programming resumes.

I am hungover for the first time in AGES. Went out for dinner & karaoke last night at the home of a couple of new friends, with Bestfriend Andrea and her LOML (Love of my Life - hers, not mine) and ended up drinking quite a lot far too much, and probably will not be invited back although I don't think I said anything too awful, just molested their dogs. No not like that, although that would also be a pretty surefire way to not be invited back. They have two dogs - one is a puppy and the other one is a Bichon/Poodle mix, I think. Anyway they are small adorable dogs, just the right size to pick up and clutch like they're made of platinum or something. My normal attitude to animals is "oh they're just like people but less interesting and covered in hair," but for some reason (maybe the wine) I went all "omg animals they are like people but SO CUUUUTE ^-^"

Animals are the new people. Tell your friends. If you haven't annoyed them all by being drunk and shouting "you don't know who I think I am!" I HAVE.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling OK but then I went to buy the paper and the fresh air just about killed me. Was a fraught trip as not only did I forget to take my wallet, but I also forgot to take my house key, and the spare key was conveniently located on my desk inside the house. Turns out, though, that if you wheel the biggest of the three council-issued rubbish bins to just under the bathroom window you can GET IN; but it is not a particularly graceful process. Especially if you start off with the medium-sized bin because it is easier to wheel about than the big one, and then get stuck half in and half out of the window, paddling your feet about because you did one big hoist and it was not big enough. Am becoming more and more like Pooh Bear every day.

Anyway, I am in now. And going to make coffee.

Because I am a grouch.

This is off-topic because it just happened, but I was talking to someone about Love and how it is Sometimes Stymied and I said, in my cheery manner, "I suppose you still have alcohol," and they said, "yes, but it doesn't drown the butterflies in the stomach." No, no it does not. Just gets their little wings wet.

On another completely unrelated note, have decided to live life by the principles of GREASE. Generate revenue! Embezzle assets! Sudden exit! GREASE!

And now, a poll! Because, dear readers, your opinions matter. God damn I hate my public. But not so much that they (you) should stop reading, or anything. Is not a proper poll because I can't be bothered putting the little thing in the sidebar. Just vote in the Comments section as per.

What would you most like to see in this blog?
a) A declaration of love
b) A picture of me in my new camouflage jumpsuit
c) A & B at the same time

Meeting people from the Internet is always slightly weird. "Oh hi you're not typing you're actually saying things out of your face"

Details on selected haiku later (forgot about it)


Holly said...

Definitely B! :D

IT IS ALLY said...

OK! We're off to a good start

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with C. I am especially curious about B though.

Joff said...

C, but only if you're also declaring your love for men in Camo jumpsuits

Baglady said...

Unless you love me *flutters eyelids* it has to be B. Jumpsuit! Yay!

Trandias. I think it's Spanish but I'm not sure what for.

Gary said...

B with a side of E please.