Tuesday, April 14, 2009

look look at me


The lovely Kelly nominated me for Best Humour Blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards! I realise that most people would probably be a little less excited and a little more modest right now, but that is not what I am about.

I'd like to thank the Academy Kelly very much for nominating me - especially for nominating me in the Humour section and not the Most Obnoxious Blog section! Interesting call.

Hey I know that I have no chance of winning this award because ten million kabillion blogs have been nominated and most of them are probably funnier than mine, but imagine if I gained a huge internet following & was eventually subject of a movie called 'The Underblog' please vote for me anyway because that would be nice and mean a lot.

Also, it takes about 30 seconds and if you 30 seconds to read my blog you totally have 30 seconds to vote for it. (You have to create an account on the voting site in order to vote; that is the takes-30-seconds part.)

Here's the link .

Also I realise that there will be certain people (sleep500, I'm looking at you) who will say "well, I like your blog, but it is not the single best humour blog out there."



Mr London Street said...

Your blog is fabulous. I voted for you. And I'll stand by that, err, even if you don't vote for me.

Gary said...

My vote can be purchased. If only I had thought to offer it for purchase pre-voting.

Holly said...

I voted...even though it took me longer than 30 seconds coz I couldn't read the sodding antispam code! :P

Kaileigh said...

Hello, I'm kind of a new reader at your blog, but haven't commented yet, just wanted to say this is probably the funniest blog I read and will definitely go vote :)

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! And votes. Mr LS I totally voted for you.

Kaileigh: yay new reader! you should enter the competition :D