Sunday, April 12, 2009


I try not to post more than once a day - apparently you can get too much of a good thing, or something - but I had a thought about notebooks and decided to Share It.

I like notebooks, and the one I'm using at the moment is possibly my favourite notebook ever. Half of you just decided not to finish reading this post, didn't you. My current notebook is one I bought in Wellington from a little art gallery - it has a print of a sheep and some teacups on the front, and is number 2 of 30 made. The girl I bought it from* was the original artist. It's really nice quality, heavy white paper, spiral-bound, and I left it blank for some time before deciding to carry it about with me at all times and write Important Thoughts** in it - but only in a black ink pen, not ballpoint. I am very particular about this.

I wonder what the other 29 people who bought the same notebook have used it for?

It would be an interesting thing to trace.

*Rosalind Clark.

**here are some examples of things I consider Important Thoughts: 'magnetic mice?' - 'everyone has a main factor they define themselves by' - 'indie pancake house?' - 'beards: they serve no evolutionary purpose' - 'me time is way better than you time' - 'beer is way more fun than dating' - 'i've been stabbing in the dark but i appear to have skewered something'


Baglady said...

I honestly thought that you were talking about electronic notebooks. You know, small laptops. Or maybe you don't call them that over there.

Baglady said...

I nominated you for an award. Now go out there and make me proud!

IT IS ALLY said...

YAY! Thank you! I'm flattered :D and also going to tell everyone I know about this

IT IS ALLY said...

Also, thank you for not nominating me in the Most Obnoxious Blogger category.