Saturday, April 25, 2009


I forgot about the PZS giveaway for a couple of days. Sorry, everyone.

Anyway, competition was tough! My readers are intelligent literati types! Yay

It was a tough decision, but unfortunately there can only be one America's Next Top Model winner. Here are the totally awesome five runners-up, and a situation in which you might be forced to use them:

Porpoise-zapping stick - Anon
"Quick, Maurice, fetch the PZS!"

Plastic Zebra Species - Jill
"That animal is standing remarkably still. Perhaps he is a member of the PZS."

Post zygotic stress (stress experienced by an individual post conception) - Anon
"As well as my borderline, depression and mild bipolar, I also suffer from PZS."

Portable zoo storage - Kelly
"Hello, Logistics? We're having a bit of a problem with the PZS."

Probably Zebra Shit - Brooke
"I hate cleaning this enclosure. I'm covered in some kind of PZS."

And the winner is...

Pulling zen shit. - Anon
"You know, just, like, sitting and BEING, man."

This is the winner because it made me laugh so hard. I used to be in a band with a saxophone player who was constantly PZS. His parents were French (apparently) and he was called Lorenzo (apparently). When he was introduced to me the conversation actually went like this: "Hi, I'm Ally." "Yeah. Cool. How are you. Yeah. Right." In that I'm-a-rock-star way, but he wasn't.

My favourite time he PZS - and he did it a lot - was when he was talking about transport.

"I'm going to get a bike," he said, "so I can just, like, cycle." "Enough with the PZS," I should have said.

So, whoever that particular Anon was, email me your details (tarquin.deathmongrel(at) and I'll send you something.

Congratulations! And congratulations to the lovely runners-up also because it was really close, and to the other people who entered. Although not as much congratulations, because, well, you didn't win, did you.


queenofthecastle said...

Lol 'pulling zen shit' is AWESOME. It's one of those 'can't believe there wasn't already a term for it' things. It's like a very special subspecies of wanker.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for my win. You can hold onto your thing. I am too cool to have a postal address. Peace!

IT IS ALLY said...

Either you are ultra-cool, or you are in jail and trying to hide this from me. It's totally jail, isn't it.

Thank you for your contribution! Also for letting me get out of actually thinking about a prize ^^