Monday, May 04, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Real post later in the day when I am less busy. For now, here are some (generally non-blog) links to sites I like to go and read. Maybe you could go and read them too.

List of the Day - random lists. Some of them are awesome. I think I might try to get them to run my haiku.

Photoshop Disasters - just like it says on the tin. Ads that have somehow managed to slip through ten levels of QC and end up being published despite their Glaring Errors.

Lovely Listings - poorly chosen photos from real estate listings! It is amazing how many people try to sell their house with a picture of something really awful.

Fuck My Life - nice little stories from people who are having a far, far worse day than you are.

One Sentence - true stories told in one sentence. Range from the poignant to the hilarious.

Overheard In New York - you know how sometimes you're at the supermarket and you hear a random snippet of conversation?

Yeah I know that was a cop-out (and a badly formatted one at that) but there will be a real post later.


Anonymous said...

Holly said...

Hahaha I like those links, but I think FML is my favourite. I visit it every day! :D

Kaileigh said...

These were hilarious, and if you like "fmylife"... check out "texts from last night", that one's pretty funny too :)

Anonymous said...

Love PSD, you would also love

Jill said...

IT IS ALLY said...

Fraser - hours of amusement!

Holly - yes FML is awesome. I visit it like once a week or when I remember so I have stuff to catch up on.

Kaileigh, Jill - Loves it! (Which is something my friend Ashton used to say whenever he was particularly fond of something - as in, Ashton loves it, but without the Ashton)

Anon - I know of Cakewrecks, but didn't bring up a proper page, sadly.

Thanks you guys! For bringing the laffs.

Holly said...

I think the Found link they meant to post was this one:

Anonymous said...

Yes Holly! It was.