Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cynical? Crass? Moi?

Not that much in the way of news - will make up for this tomorrow with onesie photo, which will definitely be the blogging event of the season.

Have just come back from Soup Night at my aunt & uncle's.* Am all full of soup & bread, & have retired to bed to sit and be replete. Had a conversation with my mother about this blog over dinner - I was ranting about Colin M-J again & mentioned that I got the odd negative comment on my blog. Mother said, "You were probably being cynical and crass." Cynical? Crass? Me? Well, crap in a hat & call it society! (See what I did there? Incidentally, 'crap in a hat' is a pretty good expletive phrase - satisfying to say, but still PG-13.) In response to Mother, I burped in a superior manner! (No, not really I didn't. But "Roger cast his vote with an beseechingly cynical fart" would be quite a good first line of a novel, as would "Isobel, snorting derisively, belched her opinion of Roger's proposal.")

Best thing about having Lapi back is catching up on all the webcomics I haven't been reading. And being able to blog frequently again, albeit in a crass and/or cynical fashion.

Also in the news: you may hear increasingly frequent references to the Puppy, who is a sort of boyfriend thing (I think). I hope he is, anyway. If not, I may have just made a large and public faux pas because that's the first he's heard of it - he reads this - so, Puppy, if you feel this is too forward a definition & you would prefer 'male friend' then complain about it in the comments or something. The Puppy is quiet and interesting and has a rock from Antarctica, which is really all you need to know for now. He is coming to quiz night with my family tomorrow. Ha ha ha, good luck, sucker.

edit - have just received the following message. "Just saw your latest blog & the puppy is very happy to be your boyfriend thing :-D" Well, that's reassuring. Yay! Now all of you must say how sweet he is. (Message was from him, speaking in the third person, for anyone who was confused.)

Back to the comics now for me! If all goes well there will be onesie photos tomorrow. If I don't get round to it there'll probably just be photos of dress jackets & so on that have been in storage my grandmother's attic & which I am going to retrieve tomorrow morning. If I don't get round to that, well, then there'll just be words.

Maybe a Paint drawing.

If you're good.

*his body, mother's head?


a cat of impossible colour said...

There are no comments on this? Why not? I am affronted, this post deserved comments. CRAP IN A HAT.

Aw, Puppy be cute! Am looking forward to meeting him. Wonder what NRT thinks?

WV: cocasms, orgasms caused by coffee

Fraser Dron said...

Andrea you stirrer! NRT has no problem.