Sunday, May 31, 2009


*It''s a new word for 'drunk and grumpy.' There are probably many better words for that (Drangry? Irritrunk? Grumpissed? ) but that is the one that sprung to mind.

Today, although not my birthday, was a good day! Many good things happened and here they are in chronological order; can you say 'chronological' if everything happened in the same day?*

Firstly, my laptop is now back in action. Oh, Lapi, how I have missed you! LAPI LAPI I'M SO HAPPY. Sad thing is that now I'm used to the weird formatting quirks of my interim computer and keep trying to fix mistakes that Lapi does not even make BECAUSE HE IS SO WONDERFUL. Anyway his power cord is back, so I can return to spending my evenings 'sitting around drunk trying to pontificate about things I know nothing about' fuck yeah.

Secondly, I went on a Nice Date with a young gentleman who shall henceforth be referred to as The Puppy (it be's one of them long stories). We wandered round the Botanical Gardens for a while (I know, so cultured) and I displayed childlike wonder at the various plants. We like totally held hands and everything. Fucker did not pick me a rose but we'll forgive him that. I'm not sure that you're meant to pick them anyway. And then we had a beer and hung out for a bit and that was cool.

Thirdly, I had fish & chips (sorry, fish n' chips) at Andrea's for tea, and then we played Cranium & Singstar and a game called 'Bananagram' which is kind of fun and also pretty hard to type. (Bananangram. Banananagram.) Best thing about it was that the game itself had nothing to do with bananas except that sometimes you shouted 'Peel' (there was a set time, not just when you felt like it) and the case that the tiles were in was shaped like a banana. Obviously someone in the creative department said, "Hey, guys, I just thought of an awesome name for a game! Wait for it...Bananagram. It's a game where you have lots of letter tiles and make anagrams." "But, Mike, what does that have to do with bananas?" "That's not the point."

Fourthly, I am catching up with old friends on fckbk and msn and all other sorts of places, and it is fun. When I move cities, I tend to completely abandon everyone I knew there in some kind of weird scorched earth policy. However, I recently realised thar this is dumb, and so now I am catching up on all the band/work/hospitality general Wellington gossip.

Here are some Google search terms that have recently led people to my blog, and my response to them.

'nz next top model' - I am probably not what you were expecting.

'today is my birthday' - this gets me more hits than a battered wife **

'"Riadan" blog' - Who on earth googles that?

'who writes crime fiction based on true story' - not me. why did this search unearth me?

'joke dream' - ok, fair enough. I guess.

'how am i start my lacture about birds' - not like this, that's for sure

'camo jumpsuit' - THIS IS WHY I FUCKING BLOG.



This post sucked. I don't care. I have had a good day.


Kaileigh said...

LOL, I love hearing what brings people to the blog. Especially the bird "lacture" one :)

Holly said...

I like Grumpissed the most, TBH. It amuses me.

Hehe, yesh, I think you can say chronological if things that happened on the same day, if they happened at different times of the day...right?

YAY for a functioning laptop! I would be very excited too! :D

Nice Date sounds...nice. Lmao! Perhaps The Puppy is just a particularly lawabiding sort, and that's why he didn't pick you a rose from the gardens. :D

HAHAH Cranium. That' the funniest game in the world. Except for maybe Bananagra, but IDK about that coz I've never played.

Hmm, I seem to have gotten readdicted to FB too, it's kind of odd. But a great time-waster!

LMAO at your search terms, they are much more amusing than mine! Most of mine are "Holly", which is surprisingly logical I guess. Do you get many for "Ally"?

LMAO at the bird one. They could always talk about cannibirds!

My two most EPIC ones are...
- "explain "put the w into anchorman""
- "i'm getting an error message on my medela symphony 2.0 breast pump."

Anonymous said...

'"Riadan" blog' - Who on earth googles that? '

Ahahahahahaha. Ahahahahahaha. More laughter.

Also my verification code is petsms, which makes me laugh.