Monday, May 18, 2009


I am in a Funk. An Existential Funk. I am Existentially Funky. This is mainly because I started the day with an enormous piece of leftover cake and felt ill, which somehow brought on one of those days where you sit about going "Oh GOD I am WASTING my LIFE oh GOD I am WASTING MY LIFE!" Of course I don't expect you to know what I MEAN because you actually DO THINGS with your LIFE UNLIKE ME OH GOD I AM WASTING MY LIFE OH GOD.

Oh well at least I am not a hedgehog. Maybe I should count my blessings.

- do not have painful, life-threatening disease
- do not know anyone with PLTD
- have coffee, friends, family etc etc
- am not homeless
- have $5 to my name which is more than usual
do not have awful boyfriend/husband
- do not have frostbite
- do not have a boil on my bum
- have all my fingers & toes
- tiramisu was a resounding success
- Andrea has an agent (really one of her blessings, but oh well)
- my face is more or less symmetrical
- spotted 14 different bird species on recent nature walk
- have lots of lovely shoes
- am not hungry at the moment
- no mortgage (although also no house)
- will not be made redundant (do not have job)
- am not likely to be hunted for sport
- have life insurance (and am therefore a grown-up)


- do not have job, money, career, degree, assets, or life plan.

Sorry about the poor-quality blogs recently - will work on this. In the meantime, please feel free to amuse yourselves by leaving Ally-affirming comments. Or, if you like, you can leave comments about how I have nothing to complain about and am being selfish OH GOD


Brooke said...

Ugh I hate those days! I find it helps to just sleep, then when you wake up you've hopefully forgotten the funk :-P

Lol @ not being hunted for sport. Have you read 'The Most Dangerous Game'? It's totally awesome.

Holly said...

I hate those days too! I've been on the verge of one for the last couple of days actually - maybe it's the weather.

LOL at The Most Dangerous Game! Man was that a weird story!?

Jill said...

Ooftah. I am having a similar mini-melt-down, but re: relationship: Boyfriend lives in other city. Miss boyfriend. Boyfriend visits. Happy with boyfriend. But what if I am not maximally happy? What if there is greater happiness, which I can not know of without ditching this dependable but possibly lower-grade happiness?

With a little bit of I-have-no-money-and-no-life-plan mixed in there.

Christina said...

Yeah, being unemployed and not knowing what you want to do with your life sucks massively. I spent a year after I left uni working in random minimum wage jobs, because apparently being able to translate Middle English and split phonemes is not useful in the Real World. *sigh* I empathise :S

On the plus side, you are insanely energetic and write awesome stories. You could always become a student and avoid the recession? :P

IT IS ALLY said...

Brooke - no, haven't read it, but will add it to the list. That Neil Gaiman one you lent me was awesome, just finished it.

Holly - it is totally the weather. Now that the weather's broken I feel much better, think that when it's all humid & pre-stormy I get cranky.

Jill - sounds sucky :( I have few useful suggestions but I find making a list of pros & cons also helps. Actually my favourite way of decision-making is flipping a coin - you know instantly what you /really/ want to do from whether your reaction is "Yay I was secretly hoping it would come up heads" or "damn I was secretly hoping it would come up tails."
Yeah...not helpful. Hope things get clearer :/

Christina - ew, studenthood! I am too used to cushy well-paid lifestyle, sadly. But have just left highly perky answerphone message for lady at employment agency, along the lines of "I notice you have not found gainful employment for me yet." So fingers crossed.

Brooke said...

@ Ally: It's just a short story, I think I still have a copy of it from 3rd form floating around somewhere, will dig it out. And if you liked the Graveyard Book, you totally have to read Coraline next.