Sunday, May 17, 2009


Been thinkin' bout words.

Does anyone else find it weird that 'doing' (the verb (doo-ing)) and 'doing' (the noise (doyng)) are spelt the same?

'Noise' is a weird word too. It could be the oi combination. I'm going to say some words out loud to test this theory

"Oink" ok yes that's weird too
"Boing" not as weird
"Oil" is a really strange word
"Poison" this one seems to have escaped the weird oi curse
"Coin" definitely weird. maybe it's only one-syllable oi words
"Join" hmm, not weird
"Loin" definitely weird. tee hee loin
"Moine" fuck off it's moine! ok that's not a word
"Poignant" weird
"Toilet" not weird - I think it's only weird if there's an 'n' sound after the 'oi.'

Yeah that's definitely it. Words sound weird if they have 'oin' in them.

Ointment. Boink. I hope you have enjoyed this presentation.

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Brooke said...

Had never actually noticed that they are spelt the same - now it's going to annoy me! Lol. It's like moped. Mowpt vs mow-ped. There is a very funny poem in an episode of Green Wing with this one (you should totally watch Green Wing if you haven't seen it).
I always have trouble with 'misled' (it looks like it should be pronounced like my-sild).

Lol @ 'oi' only being weird before 'n'. I now want to write a phonological rule for that, but there isn't a linguistic symbol for 'weird'. *ubergeek*
Is 'moine' like 'moyn' or 'mwahn'? There's Des Moines somewhere in the US but I can never figure out how it's pronounced.

Haha Poignant was the only word I got wrong on a reading test when I was 9ish. I have never forgotten it since. It is epic weird.