Monday, May 11, 2009

Gettin' Interactive

OK, so back in March I did a post called Ask Ally or something like that, where you could leave a question for me in the comments and I would answer it. I remembered this today because I got my first hate mail on the 'replies' post, mainly because I was a little cavalier with my use of the word 'retard.' Once I'd recovered from the trauma of being accused of "sitting around drunk trying to pontificate about something you know nothing about,*" I realised that that was like a whole two months ago, so once again I am opening up the floor for your questions. Too soon?

Responses from last time, in case you want to weigh in on my hate comment check your questions haven't been pre-posited, are here.

Go on, ask me something. Anything! And I'll answer it.** Anonymous questions are fine, I'll answer them all in a week or so. If no-one has any questions I'll make up some myself, post them under multiple usernames and then answer them. But it would be nicer if real people asked them.

Go, go! Ask! Ask, you bastards, ask!

Then, tomorrow we are going to play Muncle! It is a party game which has been brought to my attention by Mr London Street, who recently blogged his own experiences with it (click on that link back there to go and see). One of his readers summed it up quite nicely when they commented, "Muncle is a dreadful game and I cannot wait to spring it on someone." If you have any sense, you will not be excited about this. I would've done it today, but then you'd all leave comments about Muncle, not questions for me.

* which I may or may not have been doing

** as long as it's not something I don't want to answer, which is unlikely


Gary said...

I will give it a go.

First question

Have you ever wished someone close to you would ask\tell you something awkward and then when they did, you regretted wishing it.

Next Question

You appear to leap into conversations, has it backfired? Or do you pick your subjects carefully.

Third question

Have you ever owned slippers that resembled an animal?

Fourth question

Do you have an obsession you should be ashamed of.

Fifth question

What part of your body is most sensitive to fear, recognition or happiness.

Sixth question

Am I freaking you out?

and lastly

Who is NRT?

a cat of impossible colour said...

Would you rather have no legs and no arms or the head of a weasel?

I'll think of better ones.

Holly said...

- If you were a character in a pantomime, who would you be?
- Have you decided whether or not to chop your hair yet?
- How old were you when you started drinking (liking?) coffee?
- If you were a bear, would you like to eat salmon? Would you bother chasing moose if you knew they were more tasty? <- Sorry, I was discussing this with kids at work this morning.

IT IS ALLY said...

"Questions: What's your favourite vegetable? Who was your favourite Backstreet Boy? 5ive, BSB, NSync, Westlife, Boyzone, or Hanson? Which is the better word: daft, or loom? Discuss. What's the longest your hair's ever been? What's your middle name? How many bristles are there in your toothbrush? What's your favourite one-hit-wonder song? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Is that enough questions for now? :-P"

Are Brooke's. Am just reminding myself.

Anonymous said...

How might one get in touch with the Ministry of Truth in Quotations? There was no "um" before "youthfully whimsical!"

a cat of impossible colour said...

Who would play you in the movie of your Liff?

How often do you think about Gibbons?

What material possessions do you covet?

Anonymous said...

1. Why do you think the ancient Greeks came up with the idea of a minotaur? Those crazy ancient Greeks.

2. Do you prefer cirrus or cumulonimbus clouds? Answer in iambic pentameter, two lines minimum.

3. What happened to this question?

4. How will I die?