Friday, May 29, 2009

Please don't unfollow me*

*even though the formatting is still horrible horrible horrible

Every day, life teaches us lessons. Sometimes the lessons are about love; sometimes they are about friendship; sometimes they are about why we should not cut our own hair.

Yesterday I noticed that my hair had grown out into a nice fringe, just above my eyebrows. I really liked it. It would have been perfect, except that it was a bit uneven.

Now - surprise! - it is really freakin' short and I look like a Lego man again and the worst thing is that it is still a bit uneven but I was afraid to cut any more off. Guess I'll be sporting/rocking the fauxhawk for a little longer.

Am watching NZ's Next Tup Muddle sorry Top Model and it is awful. Colin Mathura-Jeffree (I am not even making up his name) is awful. I have no idea how he got to be on the judges' panel - can we really not do any better than that? Mind you, I also hate hate hate the flamboyantly gay male judge I mean 'style guru' on America's Next Top Model, 'Miss Jay.' Episode after episode, he and Colin M-J manage to look ridiculous. Not ridiculous as in 'I am a model, it is ok for me to wear this crazy high-fashion outfit,' but ridiculous as in 'I am a past-his-prime male model wearing something that would look silly on Heidi Klum.' Cringe-makingly, awfully, I-feel-for-you ridiculous.

Also, all of the contestants (and judges) sound like they are trying to talk with a duck in their mouth. (If you're not from NZ feel free to pronounce that " they are trying to talk with a dick in their mouth," something that Colin M-J was apparently fired from many photoshoots for doing.)

Speaking of, I had a dream last night that I was a pornstar! I briefly flirted with the idea that my subconscious was showing me my true calling, but then I remembered that a) I do not really want to be a pornstar and b) I don't have the right, uh, build.

Guess what is happening this weekend? That's right, onesie photo! My mother is taking off for Laos for six weeks on Tuesday, and she promised to take a photo of me in my onesie before she went. Prepare to be wowed. By my Lego hair.*

In a shocking twist, someone unfollowed my blog today! Yesterday, before I posted, I had 8 followers. Today, I have 7.

I think it may have been 'Muncle.'

Now you must all tell me how much you love me, or else I shall have a crisis of confidence and never blog again.

*was reading back over this prior to posting and misread that as 'Leg hair' but I promise not to wow you with any of that


Baglady said...

Muncle does that.

flatorim - the sensation of a fart passing through one's bumhole

Mr London Street said...

Anyone who unfollowed you because of Muncle isn't worthy of your blogly goodness.

Charlie said...

It can't have been the muncle - I mean please... it's one of the best things since sliced bread...

IT IS ALLY said...

Baglady - excellent wordverif! Silly old Muncle. Whatever was I thinking?

Mr LS & Charlie - thank you. You are right about the Muncle. Also, Charlie, you're a new commenter! YAY HI

Anonymous said...

Kicking your arse! LMAO! Any Gay Man can Judge these things- theyre fashionista's and you're a fashion No No.