Friday, June 19, 2009


No, I'm not going to Germany, I'm going to Auckland for a couple of days. Just umlauting because I can. You know how it is. Too much coffee, is how it is.

Will be back on Sunday/Monday (today is Friday) so normal service will resume then - I may manage to sneak a blog in tomorrow but it's not overly likely. Sorry, chums!

I need to be at the airport in about 4 hours - needless to say I have not packed, cleaned, or done anything else I'm meant to have done by now. What I have done is my makeup. And inhaled a lot of very strong coffee. ("I might as well use up the rest of the packet. Oh. There is quite a lot more left than I thought there was. FUCK IT IT'S IN THE PLUNGER NOW AHAHAHAHAH! AHAHAHA!")

I love love love flying, but the last-minute nature of this trip (ticket has been booked for I guess about 18 hours) and the unusual nature of it (going to meet up with childhood friend who I haven't seen in bloody forever and appear to be having a Romance with) and, of course, the coffee, have all contributed to a, um, rushed feeling. The ever-helpful Kate, on hearing about this intrepid voyage, as I have decided to refer to it, said, "I know you guys have been getting on really well and everything, but what if you get there and you just aren't attracted to him, like, at all? That would be awkward." Thank you, Kate. That would indeed be awkward. I hope that while I am away the dog vomits on your bed.

Speaking of awkward (segue!) has anyone else ever wondered about the lyrics of Celine Dion's I Drove All Night? It's one of Kate's current favourites (ha ha, Kate, no more street cred for you) so I've heard it a lot. "I drove all night," she belts, "to make love to that all right?" Somewhere out there, some poor guy is being woken at 5am by an exhausted, horny Celine Dion claiming that her "fever for him" is just "burning her up inside." Rather him than me, I say. Maybe she had also had too much coffee and am impulsive streak.

I don't really have any other news, but I do have an admirably filthy bathroom to clean and a bag to pack so I should probably go and do those. Does too much caffeine give you lockjaw? I seem to be clenching my teeth a lot. Oh well, I guess there are worse things to be perpetually clenching.

See you on Monday!


a cat of impossible colour said...

Have a great time! I will miss you. :) And good luck. It will all be totally fine, and I doubt Conor is not really Conor and is in actual fact crazed serial killer who stole Conor's identity. It's highly unlikely.

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you, Andrea, you are as reassuring as ever. Perhaps you and Kate could form a club.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Mink judges you.

WV = intlatio - weird sexual act?

Kaileigh said...

Have a fun trip!

Kaileigh said...

I guess I should have added a wink to that or something. Haha :)

Holly said...

Have a great time! I hope everything goes well! :)

Baglady said...

Ooh, exciting! I expect the complete story of your trip to be on your blog in 24 hours or so. Or else!*

wv = immalph. You know, I honestly can't think of anything for this. But then I have been driving for about 4 1/2 hours today. And am tired.

*not sure what the consequences will be but they will BE SERIOUS!

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you, everybody!

Baglady - perhaps 'immalph' could describe the state you get into when you've been driving all day and are all fuzzy-headed. Short for 'I Malfunction.'