Thursday, June 18, 2009


So a couple of posts back I told Baglady that she would always have a special place in my blog heart. She asked what a blog heart would look like, and suggested a colour scheme; I got carried away and made an award. It is to give to people who have, in some way, made your blogging experience that much specialer more special.

Here it is:

I would like to give this award to Andrea, my highly stylish Real Life Bestfriend and the person whose fault it is I started blogging in the first place; Baglady, who is not only an excellent blogger but one of my first regular readers who didn't know me in real life and therefore had no obligation to comment; Zach, who is pretty much above the whole blog award thing but is being awarded it in a very ironic sense; Mr London Street, whose prolific and amusing blogging style keeps me on my toes, and Holly, for blogging fascinatingly about all sorts of things from music to adoption, and also for (very bravely) opening up the floor to readers' religious comments. My hat. It is off to you all.

If you guys want to pass the award on, be my guest. If anyone else wants to take the award and give it to people in their blogging circle, be my guest. If anyone wants to give me the award, be my guest, but if not that's totally cool 'cause I'm going to give it to myself anyway.

In the event that you want to put this on your blog, I guess just copy & paste the picture, or something? Sorry, I am crap at that. Anyone who knows how to do that kind of thing, if you would like to explain in the Comments section that would be awesome.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Aw, fanku! :)

Baglady said...


Am truly honoured. I would first of all like to thank God, for giving me the strength and courage to blog, to my mom - I love you mom!
Thanks also to my husband for all his support encouragement and witty comments. To Ally - I love you, you are my rock. And most of all, to all the little bloggers out there - you know who you are - don't ever give up. This is for all of you!

Thank you. Good night!

wv-mizesty: HRH the royal lime.

Holly said...

Ooh! I completely forgot about this! Yay! Thanks! :)

It is now happily on my sidebar. :D

blogging fascinatingly about all sorts of things from music to adoption

^^ Will SO be my blog's next tagline! :D