Friday, July 03, 2009

Bank Dividend

Does anyone else remember that 'Bank Dividend' card in Monopoly? Turns out they are a real thing! I checked my bank account on a whim this morning, sort of a 'maybe there will have been a small miracle and I will have more than 25c' sort of a thing, and there was, and I did!

There was an unexpected $40, and when I looked at the reference it said "BANK DIVIDEND" and so I called the bank and they were all "Oh, that's just the dividend from your shares."

That's right, people, my shares have matured.

I had completely forgotten that I had shares. I used to work for a bank, and last year instead of a Christmas bonus they gave us shares and we all said 'oh poo' and forgot about it. And now they have given me money! Invest, fuckers! Investments = surprise money.

I wonder how many shares I have? I wonder how often they mature? I should maybe learn about the sharemarket.

Nothing else exciting has happened today except that I bought a new notebook.


Charlie said...

This has taught me that monopoly = real life, I'm off to buy me some railway stations..

Holly said...

Shares boggle my mind too...even though they shouldn't, coz that's what dad kinda DOES for a living!

I love it when people assume that I know about the sharemarket because of him, but then I'm just like " 'bout no!? That's MATHS!" :P

But yes, yay for surprise money indeed, although very sadly, I have a sneaking suspicion that they only mature...yearly?

Oooh, what's on your new notebook? :)

Kaileigh said...

Surprise money is always fun... liking finding a couple bucks in an old purse, or in the dryer :)

Kaileigh said...

Oops, I meant *like* finding, not liking finding. Oh boy.