Sunday, July 05, 2009


It's when you go to Auckland again. Obviously that is what I have done - spent last night with Conor (the Auckland Boy, surely you remember him) and a friend of his, Roxy, getting v v drunk and pretending to know about bands. Conor is currently wandering around complaining about his hangover and frequently offering to make me coffee but not actually producing any. Where is my coffee.

Here are my favourite quotes from last evening -

"It sounds like crustpunk mixed with grindcore, but it's not." I do not know what either of these things are. The combined effect is a lawnmower-on-concrete sort of thing. Like a guy who just accidentally ran his lawnmower onto the driveway, and is shouting really loudly about how angry this makes him. Think Jim Carrey, maybe. It's kind of a jazz feel with a metalcore influence, combined with dubstep beats and house WHAT THE FUCK. Just tell me what it sounds like. Did you guys know sludge is a genre of music? I didn't. It sounds pretty much how you'd expect.

"Let me haunt your batcave." Pickup line used by Roxy on a girl with bats tattooed above her, well, cave. This worked. Which is kind of awesome, but then you have to wonder exactly how choosy girls with battooes (new word) are. Is one of those lines that I'm kind of sad I'll probably never get to use.

"His Thunderbird is so thunderous!" One of the boys is lost for words listening to some band or other. I was insanely close to asking what puppets had to do with metalgrind sludgecore but then someone else said something and it turns out it's a kind of bass guitar and oh my God I am so glad I didn't say anything.

No other news except that Conor has just arrived with my coffee, and is now making breakfast. What an awesome boyfriend. I love him when he has coffee and food. And when he doesn't, but, you know, more when there's coffee and food.


Anonymous said...

... you mean people don't already know about sludge metal?!

Holly said...

LMAO batcave. *giggle*

a cat of impossible colour said...

You're in Auckland? I did not know this.

soma cm said...

it would seem sludge and grindcore are beyond my darling Ally. Not overly surprising when i think about, not many sludge bands have trumpet players.
still love you dear. x

IT IS ALLY said...

Darnielle - I know now. I have had everything explained to me in simple terms.

Holly - haha, yes. Tee hee hee

Andrea - my movements are generally keep secret from the public until the last possible moment! Element of surprise, etc etc.

Conor - you patronising wanker, am going to leave you for Roxy.