Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Burst Angel

It's not a bad anime (do you call it an anime, or an anime series?) but I think it's the name that makes it. It must be a poor translation of 'hot potential lesbians fighting giant robot battles' because that is more or less what the show's about. The best of Transformers meets the best of scantily clad Japanese ladies! The main character, Joe (female) controls a giant robot and I can't hear you over all this penis envy.

That's her on the right.

Also in Auckland: a street called Westward Ho Road. We drove past it the other night. Imagine living there. Every time you turned into the street you'd feel compelled (well, I would) to shout. "Westward Ho!" you would shout. And then you would wonder where your ho' had gone.

I haven't really got anything interesting to blog about (in case you hadn't guessed that by now) - was flicking through my notebook and all I found was Westward Ho Road, which still makes me giggle, and a lot of random words which I think are the names of bands I vaguely liked, or creatures from a nightmare world. ('Disfear'? It's probably a band.)

Speaking of, I woke myself up yesterday by lying on my back and clawing at the air. I don't remember what I was dreaming about at all but I think I was trying to catch someone, rather than trying to free myself from a sleep monster. Here is an artist's interpretation, including sleep monster called Disfear:

Not shown: Conor's obvious amusement.

Do you know what I have? A little craving for crispy duck and hoi sin sauce (which, to me, always sounds like someone shouting "Oi! It's in sauce!" in an Oriental fashion) on noodles, with those things which look like bean sprouts but may not be.
God knows what I have drawn, they look pretty much nothing like that.

Unrelated to food, Andrea has just informed me that catteries pump happy cat hormones into the air to keep the cats calm and happy! I had no idea this was going on. I wonder how morally wrong it would be to start a company that manufactured human happy hormones (HHH) and marketed them to large corporations? Imagine how much more productive your average office would be if it was full of happy chemicals. Maybe they already do this! I should start a conspiracy theory. No I should patent this and make millions. Actually before I do this I should probably do some research to make sure we're not going to have a repeat of the the time I thought I was going to become rich and famous by inventing the reverse microwave (hint: it is a freezer.) Anyway, if they don't already do this then get your grubby paws off my intellectual property. Get your grubby brain off my intellectual property. Get your filthy mind off my front porch.

I will think more about this and let you know how it goes.

(Also, I was editing a blog post yesterday when I saw I'd tagged it with 'not about me.' Out of interest, I clicked on the tag to see how many of my 27something entries are marked as such. ONE. So I'm going to tag this one, even though it's complete bollocks.)


a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, that anime character has some MASSIVE boobs on her.

It is called 'Feliway!' The happy cat hormone. Once you have seen Serenity this will seem EVEN MORE DISTURBING to you, I promise. You just wait.

Joff said...

There's a quiet little back road called Rugby Street in Merivale. Some friends of mine have this tradition, that whenever we drive down it, we roll down the windows, and yell "RUUUUGGGGBBBBYY" in our loudest, most louty voices possible.

It is up to you to continue this tradition.

Charlie said...

Apparently don't shops pump something in the air to make you thirsty, because that makes you buy more? the do something to the air conditioning to make you buy more but I can't remember what. I wouldn't mind some happy smell.

Mr London Street said...

There is a place in England called Westward Ho! complete with exclamation mark. The exclamation mark sits there on road atlases and signposts as a timely reminder of how much fun they must all be having.

Baglady said...

I am so disappointed that Mr London Street got here before me.

He didn't mention Reading suburb "Westwood Glen" though, which I think sounds like an instruction to our friend Glenn from the Pet Shop Bpys.

wv=toddlyc. The Welsh word for paedophilia.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I've been to Westward Ho! in England! The inhabitants all had this air of desperation, as if they felt there was a party going on somewhere and they weren't invited.

IT IS ALLY said...

Andrea - yes! Boobs are massive. The leader of their little group, Sei, actually has bigger boobs than that. How they manage to jump about fighting people is totally beyond me.

Joff - keep the dream alive! I like that tradition and will continue it. I will also start making excuses to visit Rugby Street.

Charlie - that totally wouldn't surprise me. I could also use some happy smell.

- Mr LS, Baglady - One day I will make a pilgrimage to both of those places. Probably actually. And take many photos of myself standing by place name signs and shouting.