Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miraculous Recovery!

OK so I'm feeling a little better today - ribs are still really sore and am still a bit woozy, but no longer feel like I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin, as they say.

Good news of the day: the Inland Revenue Department finally sent me a letter to give me my tax refund, and I will have it by My Birthday, which has contributed to my overall sense of wellbeing. Bless you, IRD. Bless you and your unworkable phone system and your stupid password rules and your ignorant customer service reps and your dickbag of a website. Whee, money. I should be responsible and not spend it but if anyone wants to come on a hedonistic road trip then NOW'S THE FUCKING TIME. (Anyone? No? Fine, I'll go by myself then and call it research. For a book I am writing. What? It's about small-town New Zealand. Specifically, it's about being drunk in small-town New Zealand. Small towns like Auckland and Wellington and maybe Napier feature heavily.)

Also I applied for some jobs (mainly sales/admin) and other boring stuff like that. Everyone is excited about the prospect of My Employment because it means I will be back to my normal, this-one's-on-me self, and therefore a Much Better Friend to everyone. Also, employment makes for more interesting blogging, so really everyone wins. And it means I have more money, which, without wanting to sound like a tragically brainwashed product of our capitalist society, is something I like. The best thing about employment, one might say, apart from the prospect of sexy colleagues.

Have "Monster Mash" stuck in my head as my lovely mother, who is making some sort of potato/mustard/sausage mash for dinner (this recipe may not make it onto the blog) is wandering round the kitchen singing, "It is the Sausage Mash" madly under her breath.

Speaking of mad parents, Father wants me to join the Navy - "You could be in the Navy Band," he says, "lead trumpet! Oh, Admiral!" "I would probably end up being a Logistics Officer or something," say I. "Logistics Officer and in the Navy Band!" "No!"

Oh man I am going to have to cut this post short because the dog just vomited.


Charlie said...

glad you're feeling better - and yay for tax refund, I just got mine, it's bloody awesome!

Kaileigh said...

Glad you are starting to feel better... hope the sausage mash is delish :)LOL

Anonymous said...

you don't know me but i live in napier and it is radd and i think your blog is radd. radd has two Ds on purpose. just so you know.

IT IS ALLY said...

Radd indeed. D.

Hey if I come to Napier I'll totally blog about it in advance and we can meet up and you can buy me a drink or something to say thanks for all the blogging good times. Yeah?

Anonymous said...

totally. if 'buy you a drink'=give you a beer stolen from my dad's beer fridge.

IT IS ALLY said...