Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Now: or, a Disjointed Ramble

God knows what I am going to blog about next. I need more freakin' blogs because I dislike how random this one is becoming. One for recipes and one for Onesie Woman and one for lists and one for brutal splatterfic and one for random shit and back to basics blogging (B2BB) but I mean come on, I am too lazy to tag my posts properly, I'm not about to get organised.

Up next: Onesie Woman Hates your Family Dinner! (Maybe.) We are having a family dinner in a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday (which is July 29, for those of you wishing to get me a present) and my uncle's birthday. This is the closest I could get to No Birthday Celebrations. Out of character as it may sound, I'm really not a fan of big gatherings in my honour.

I'm getting round to the recipe and travel stories, I have a list somewhere. It also has thoughts like 'what if we grew animals from seeds?' and 'create' which is actually a pretty sweet idea for a website. (Basically it's like hotornot, but you submit a picture of you and your brother/you and your (male) lover and visitors to the site have to vote as to which they think it is. I'm not quite sure where the making-money part comes in, but I'm pretty sure we can troll fckbk for initial pictures.)

Also I thought I might do Ask Ally again (for anyone new to this, you ask me (Ally) a question, and maybe I answer it in a later blog post. This is in the B2BB section.) So if you have any burning questions for me, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them. Maybe even in POST 300 but probably not until after that because face it, I am pretty lazy about this blog sometimes.

Also I added my email address up there in the profile bit so if you got anything to say (or ask) which is just too scandalous for the comments section then THERE'S YOUR OTHER OPTION.

This is Post 297 - if no-one makes any brilliant suggestions, then for my 300th post you will either be treated to a) a short video of me letting off a party popper or b) nothing, because I have forgotten about it.

Overheard at the mall talent quest: "You are just so cute I want to put you in a box and take you home." - Mid-20s Kids TV presenter to highly dolled-up preteen ballerina. Let's hope he's punched air-holes in the box. I'm pretty sure that if I ever enter a talent quest I'll just get up there and play Muncle with the whole crowd. And win.


Madame DeFarge said...

I wouldn't want to appear forward, this being my first comment and everything and we've not been properly introduced, but you could write 300 words about the joy of scatter cushions or other soft furnishings. There is an untold market for such a post. Or maybe that's just me.

Gary said...

How scandalous does a comment have to be to make it into the only suitable for an email section

IT IS ALLY said...

Madame DF - Consider us introduced! And thank you for commenting, I like new commenters (and also old ones.) I very much like the idea of writing 300 words about something, but I'm not sure if soft furnishings are really my line - I do enjoy them, but probably not enough to give them the gushing prose they deserve!

Gary - well, I don't mind scandalous comments, but I might have some shy commenters.