Sunday, July 19, 2009

Couting Down*

*Post 298, but also it's my birthday soon

It appears that due to the questionable virtues of a good typing speed and relative fluency in corporate doublespeak, I have become the family secretary. Kate is coming home at lunchtime to dictate a Highly Official Fax to Someone In Management about Someone Else In Management, which she is going to fire off this afternoon. Then I am writing my mother's cover letter for some job application or other. Wish I had pretended to be a lop-brained technophobe, then everyone would leave me alone to play NetHack in peace. In some ways being a secretary/PA/receptionist type would really suit me: I am good at looking professional, typing up minutes and fucking about on the Internet. I can do all three of these at once. Truly, one must bow before my amazing admin skills.

New thought: I sometimes worry that one day I will die (shut up, there is more to the worry than that) and that no-one who reads my blog will know. So now I have a new plan: you will have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead hands. No wait that's not the plan. I guess I'll just let someone know my login details in my will and they can post something like "Sorry guys no more blog I was attacked in my bath" or whatever.

Sometimes I wonder if I am going Proper Mad. You would tell me, wouldn't you?

Have decided that for 300th post - which is now going to be anticlimactic no matter what I do - I'm going to write 300 words. About something. Or maybe just 300 random words of my choosing you will have to wait and see that is the exciting part I think I'm going to have some coffee now. Also it is my actual birthday soon. I am not excited. I have decided to be 21 forever and ever and ever. Who's with me?

Amusing Scientific Name of the Day
Sorex vulgaris - "Um, this is kind of embarrassing, but I have a pain."
Related species: Sorex labiosis; Sorex burneyi.
What they are: Shrews.


Madame DeFarge said...

On the death ponder, I also wonder if anyone would notice my absence. But to do that, they must first notice my presence. That may be more problematic.

I'd like to have stayed being 40. Far more fun than any other age.

Baglady said...

I believe a woman should take the Joan Collins (or was it Zsa Zsa Gabor?) approach to birthdays: find an age you like and stick to it.

wv:stsisins. Much lesser known boys school twined with St Trinian.

Gary said...

Couple of things.

Well done on the multitasking, never got the hang of that.

Never type in the bath it ruins the moment and the keyboard.

What is going to attack you in the Bath?

Proper mad? So you think you are slightly mad at the moment?

21 was an odd year for me, spent a lot of time in Paeroa with lazers and lazer related data. 24 is my vote.

Im hold my breath in anticipation for the 300th post, turning quite blue actually.

Keep up the good work.


IT IS ALLY said...

Madame DF - yes, true. Luckily I have commenters to remind me that my work shall live on! Ha. Ha ha ha.

Baglady - I think I shall take that approach to birthdays, and also the Zsa Zsa Gabor approach to marriages - the more the merrier, and always to somebody rich. She was married 9 times in the end, I think.

Gary - I am indeed slightly mad. Surely you have noticed this already?

Gary said...

I havent noticed any posts about tinfoil and its countermeasure to radio waves.

Nothing about reincarnated Cats.

No complaints that your food has a slightly soapy taste or that some types of fruit watch you cross the room.

And you havent become obsessed with Nature.

Nope missed slightly mad. No signs of madness at all.