Saturday, August 15, 2009

Date! Psychologist! No other news.*

*you know, just so that in case neither Date or Psychologist interest you you can go and read something else.

First things first (chronologically): Date with air traffic controller went well! Andrea has decided to refer to him as The Fat Controller, which although an unfortunate nickname (and an inaccurate one, as he is not fat) is a nickname which is probably going to stick.

TFC was late, apologised profusely, and then proceeded to ply me with alcohol and make inappropriate jokes. Obviously this went down well. We had dinner at a nice Thai restaurant - we decided to order dishes to share - how nice - and then I ordered a prawnful meal and TFC revealed that he does not like prawns. So I ate all the prawns! What a good date. Also, I managed to stick to my list of Things Not to Talk About on First Dates*, which has never happened before. There is going to be a second date. Whee, dating.

Speaking of second dates, I saw Karen the Psychologist again and she was much nicer. I think this might have had something to do with the fact that she'd just had a tooth out and was probably on ten million kinds of painkiller. Dope your psychologist! They're much more complimentary when they're high on codeine. Sadly, it wasn't as amusing as last time, so I'll spare you the breakdown.

Anyway Zach has beaten my previous high score at NetHack by about 50000 points so now I have an afternoon of serious game playing ahead of me. What a boring post - sorry. Will Try Harder.

*here is the list:
- politics
- religion
- death
- dog hair mustache
- past drunken rampages, no matter how amusing
- farts
- exes
- farty exes
- blog, especially haiku
- nethack


Joff said...

For the record, you could totally talk about nethack on a date with me...

Perhaps this is why I'm still single...

IT IS ALLY said...

No way. That is awesome.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...
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AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

..and then proceeded to ply me with alcohol and make inappropriate jokes. Obviously this went down well... lol well said ;)

Baglady said...

What's wrong with you? You DIDN'T talk about the dog hair moustache? Next thing you'll be saying you didn't show him your previous-relationship-haikus!

wv=galises. A small purple flower found only in the heart of the amazon rainforest. It's delicate and impossible to raise from seed outside of its natural environment. It smells of farts.

mysterg said...

Politics may be a dealbreaker but I say better the devil you know! - perhaps that is where I am going wrong?

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

At how many dates does the rule then become the conversation?

IT IS ALLY said...

AlpHa - well, that's what makes a good date! I think.

Baglady - I did mention the haiku. I am saving the dog hair mustache as a surprise for our next date, or if his dedication should ever waver. Excellent wv.

mysterg - I try not to discuss politics too much at all, I become all facetious and people shout at me :(

Tennyson - I am afraid that your comment has utterly baffled me.

Judearoo said...

Im with Baglady, why not dog hair moustaches? And please fill us in on the event which caused this rule to be added.