Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why have PeTA never condensed 'Fur is Murder' into 'Furder'? I feel a huge marketing opportunity has been missed.

Anyway, yesterday I bought fur and now I'm going to Hell. I bought a vintage stoat stole, complete with tails (three) and feet (four) and heads (one). I figure this is ok as a) everyone knows that buying vintage fur is nowhere near as evil as buying new fur and b) it could be worse, it's not like I'm buying a hat* made of Bichon Frise, and c) everyone knows that stoats are a nasty native-bird-butchering pest anyway.

Lovely soft fur they've got, though.

Today the airport was having an open day where you could go up the new 9-storey air traffic control tower - I am mildly obsessed with the airport so I went. I love the airport. I love flying and I love boarding the plane and I love air hostesses and I love pilots and I love that there is a bar at the airport where you can sit and have a glass of wine and wait to board and watch the planes and I love flying at night and I love flying early in the morning and I love having the lights turned off for landing and I love the AIRPORT SO MUCH.

I wouldn't want to work at the airport, though. Or live there.

Anyway, I went up the air control tower and watched the planes take off and land and generally drive about (although saying 'drive' is very gauche - when one is talking about planes one says 'taxi'), and it looked like this:

Apologies for the lack of humour in today's post - nothing funny has happened - hopefully tomorrow something amusing will happen at work? If not I guess it'll just be more of this, possibly with a dash of existential angst and thwarted romance thrown in. And they're not funny at all. Not at all. <(")>

*was going to say 'muff' but can't trust you guys to be mature about it


Anonymous said...

Stoat fur is totally OK. I find it funny how most NZers are so anti-fur but half of our souvenir shops stock possum fur nipple covers etc and nobody gives a shit. Also all those possum fur/merino fabrics - do people think possums are farmed and carefully shorn once a year for their fur?
I don't have a huge problem with fur as long as it's done humanely; it's no different to wearing leather IMO. I can't get behind the head thing though - that just creeps me out (partly because of a Paul Jennings story where the fox fur eats lemons and slowly regrows its bones and comes alive o.O).
I am intrigued as to how the stoat acquired two extra tails?

Also, I totally have Mr Burns' 'See My Vest' song stuck in my head now. Thanks.

WV: pygme - The heartwarming story of a little person's search for his roots.

Zach said...

Man, at work they put up a little sheet that you could write your name down on to get a chance to go up to the top of the control tower and I thought to myself, "What kind of sociopath would want to come to the airport to climb up some retarded concrete cone to look at lumps of metal hurtle around the sky?"

Now I know.

Anonymous said...

I like airports but I I think it's impossible to slip into polite conversation without risk of looking like a bit of a tragic.

I like airports though. Airports are cool.

See? The defence rests.

Madame DeFarge said...

I loathe flying, but like airports. Can't work that one out. I think it's all the shops and glittery, sparkly things. I am dazzled by their tawdry beauty.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I also love airports and flying! Not quite so much after the eight flights of the past month, but that will wear off soon and I'll be ready to go again (rather like the pain of childbirth).