Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Harry Potter Job Interview*

*these are actually two unrelated topics, I just thought it'd seem more interesting if I ran it all together.

I have just been to see the new Harry Potter film and while usually I try to stay away from more than one post per day in case you get over saturated and sink, I wanted to blog quickly about this while it is still fresh in my mind. Basic takeout from this post is: it was good, maybe you should watch it if you like that kind of thing (magic.)

Reasons you should watch the new Harry Potter:

1. It's easier to understand than the book, and will take up less of your life because you won't have to spend three weeks reading it on and off, and flicking back ten chapters every so often because ol' JK makes a reference to something you discounted at the time but which is now a very important plot point. Running time: 153 mins.

2. It's better than the previous HP movies because by now all of the young leads are old enough to have developed their range beyond the standard Big 4 of Acting Expressions (which are, of course, Shock (eyebrows up, jaw down), Anger (eyebrows down, jaw up), Fear (see Shock, but widen eyes) and Glee (all facial muscles spasm however you want.)

3. Young leads are finally old enough that you can think dirty thoughts about them without any moral issues!

4. Sexual tension appears to be main theme of the movie, closely beating out Struggle Against Forces of Darkness. Ron and Hermione are by far the funniest pair - Rupert Grint is a scene-stealing legend - but there's also Harry and Ginny, Hermione and what's-his-face from the Quidditch team, and, from time to time, Harry and Malfoy - I am beginning to see why people write slash. They even have a bathroom scene, but don't get your hopes up (they fight, and not even in a "oh I hate you" "I hate you more" "let's make out" way.)

5. Quidditch scenes are nicely done. Quidditch is a tricky word to spell because whichever way you do it, it looks wrong (that's what she said!) and spell check is no help.

Not so good things about the new HP:

Mr Malfoy not featured (he is in Azkaban which I'm sure you will remember is wizard prison, which would be a not-bad band name). I am v sad about this. He was, and will ever remain, my most favouritest character.

In other, more local news, I have a job interview tomorrow morning and have to find my suit. By which I mean I have to search through my lapsed corporate wardrobe and cobble together a vaguely professional ensemble. Fucketty arse. I should have done this earlier because now I've decided it's far too late (9.30, but there is a program I want to watch on the telly and after that it'll be bed as I do have to get up at 7 tomorrow) and will be running around at 7.20am trying to simultaneously eat breakfast, brew coffee, put on mascara and iron my trousers. It will work. Somehow it will work. I will wear trousers that do not need ironing, skip breakfast, and do my makeup on the bus.

For those who care - and I know that is all of you - the job is a sales/marketing role for the paper. I have: experience, charm and solid bullshitting ability. I do not have: qualifications, a tidy haircut. On the plus side, the interviewer has the same name as my best friend, and I will not be drunk (is too early.)

Wish me luck.


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mysterg said...

Good luck!

sas said...

Sexual Tension and the Struggle Against the Forces of Darkness - sounds like a perfect chritian allegory. and yet they went all anti-HP.


Kaileigh said...

A Harry Potter Job Interview would be too good to be true.

I loved the new HP movie :)

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you, everyone! It worked.

sas - I know! I think they may have made an error there, the whole thing is very allegorical if one wishes to take it that way.

Kaileigh - that would be awesome. Imagine interviewing to teach at Hogwarts or something. "Have you ever been in a situation where you've felt tempted by He Who Must Not Be Named? Describe how you resolved this."