Sunday, October 11, 2009


*all the way home!

Wellington was a fun weekend - I went to an art exhibition, which I will discuss in more detail later when I have time to talk about Art properly, and when my brain is back online. At the moment "The art was good, I enjoyed the art, it was some good art" is about all the critique I can muster. All you get is some information about my flights.

On the plane on the way up, I was in an aisle seat and had crossed my legs, leaving one booted foot poking out next to the seat in front of me. About halfway through the flight, the woman in that seat dropped her hand down the side of it, into the aisle, and grabbed a firm hold of my toe, thinking it was a part of the seat. I wasn't quite sure what the etiquette is in that situation so I kept my foot very still and sort of hoped she would eventually move her hand. What she did was squeeze my toe through the boot, suddenly realise OH MY GOD THIS IS SOMEONE'S FOOT, turn around and apologised. But I'm pretty sure she thought I was weird for not saying anything. Not that she was in any position to judge weirdness, that toe-holder.

On the way back Air New Zealand, who I was lucky enough not to be flying with, had suffered a malfunction with all of their electronic check-in units, and as a consequence there were huge check-in queues and delayed flights for miles - when I left, they had about 8 planes on the tarmac, most just waiting for a free gate - but for some reason this lent the airport an unprecedented air of festivity! Everyone was waiting, but waiting in the knowledge that they would go eventually, and that they might as well have fun in the meantime. Several groups were sprawled on the floor, and several (including a bunch of men in sombreros) had taken to the bars. It was much more interesting than waiting at an airport usually is - I ended up playing cards and sharing hot chips with some people who were (eventually) going to be flying to Auckland to do something vaguely involved with water polo (was not listening, was trying to see their cards).

In other news, am now thinking of doing NaNo in short stories - 50 of them, each 1000 words or more - after Ri (an old Wellington friend whom I love more than the moon) suggested this. It's not a bad idea - I only have one novel in me at the moment, and it is Serious and Weighty and therefore I would rather write 50 short stories over November in a variety of genres and styles. It would be a good exercise, and interesting. Bonus: if you suggest a story, I'll write it (and post it). Thoughts, thoughts?


Gary said...

Flying is an expensive way to satisfy a foot fetish. Did you give her the 'How you doin' come on.

I want a story that envelopes the following items. Extreme sports, speed dating, a socially unacceptable relationship, Public shame involving a hedgehog and a love of crosswords.

And my perception of you and any offspring will be based on this story. NO Pressure.

Anonymous said...

How about a horror story with a monster, a cowboy, a lady ninja and delicious fruit?