Friday, November 06, 2009

Dad's Birthday! Also, I was sick.

I was sick yesterday - having vomited staunchly throughout the morning, gave up at 11am and went home from work. Spend the afternoon sleeping and barfing (not at the same time) until eventually I fell into a feverish sleep at about 7.30, and would probably have slept all night BUT it was Fireworks Night and, while I didn't go to the fireworks on account of all the barfin', my sister and mother did. Leaving me at home with the dog. Who is large, and hairy, and terrified of fireworks.


At about 8.30 the fireworks started, and so did Charlie - he stood in the hallway barking, then scooted backwards down the hall, still barking, into my room, onto my bed, and made himself the smallest dog possible. That was ok, but then he spent the next two hours barking, whining, jumping, wagging his tail, and backing his big dog butt into my face. Every so often he'd get brave and run out into the hall again, only to reappear seconds later, shaking and barking and wagging and whining and jumping. Man, I love having a dog.
In other news, today is my father's birthday! He is OLD. I can't remember how old (68? 69? 143?) and when I asked him he said, "As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth." (What he actually said was, "As old as my teeth and a little bit older than my hair," but he meant the first one. As I said, he is old, you know how old people are.)

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad! I am celebrating your birthday by not wearing shoes at work. I knew you'd approve.

Tomorrow I am going to a wedding. Why on earth would people choose to roar out their love to all and sundry by making their friends sit on hard benches and be quiet for an hour? Weddings confuse me. Also, why are children allowed, and what do you mean I have to behave appropriately and not drink to excess? What do you mean this day is about the happy couple, not about me? Weddings are bollocks. I shall let you know how it goes.


Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

come on, weddings are great. And who ever said you couldn't drink to excess? Never heard of that.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hope wedding went well, and that there was plentiful booze!

Holly said...

Oh no at the sick. Hope you are feeling better now! :)

LOL at the dog and the firecrackers! The day before Guy Fawkes I was in the mall after work and saw a woman with her baby in a carrier in her shopping trolley. Balanced on top of the baby in the trolley was a large box of firecrackers. Brilliant. Stuff On My Baby. Explosives!!!??? FAIL.

Baglady said...

You have fireworks night too? For the same reason as us? I thought you lot were independent and didn't want anything to do with the Queen and all that these days (not as bad as the Australians but you know what I mean).

wv=aryoto. A japanese swear word meaning "get your dog butt out of my face"

IT IS ALLY said...

Tenny, Andrea - there was indeed booze. Sigh.

Baglady - we'll take the fun traditions, thank you. Also, excellent wv.

Holly - that is bizarre, who puts explosives on their baby? WEIRD

Holly said...

Umm, that lady does! LOL! I didn't take much notice of it at first, but then I did a double-take and was like "Wait! That's terrible!"