Sunday, November 08, 2009

Go away, I'm sick

Hi everyone. I feel disgusting.

I hate being sick. I become a Very Small Person and lie around meekly flapping my arms and trying not to be too much of an inconvenience. I had to be driven home at 4am, and was told off for saying, "If it's OK could you just pull over at the next convenient place please?" rather than "STOP THE CAR I'M GOING TO BE SICK," which is apparently what you say. Is not my fault I was brought up to be polite. Did not vomit in the car, either. Whole thing was very embarrassing, especially as I had started the evening intending to be gorgeous and charming, but must have looked like a drunk, hanging out of passenger door at 4am and - actually I don't think I'll finish that 'word picture'.

So anyway it turns out that when I was sick on Thursday it wasn't a one-off thing, I have some kind of a stomach bug which means I spend all day deciding which end of me to point at the toilet. IT'S SO GREAT. I hate everything and I am going back to bed now.

Will tell you all about the wedding later when need to vomit is less urgent. I was pretty socially awkward but there were ponies.


Holly said...

Feel better soon! :)

Josh said...

At moments like these you need two toilets facing one another

Christina said...

...there were ponies? That sounds like a fascinating wedding! Hope you get better soon, vomiting bugs are horrible :S

Lazon - what incredibly lazy people say when they mean to say 'emblazon'.

Joff said...

I had the same sort of thing at one point last year.. lasted something like 3-4 weeks, which sucked hard. Eventually settled it down with some of that weird yoghurt stuff, so maybe that could help, dunno.

Hope you're feeling better soon though.

IT IS ALLY said...

Holly - thank you!

Josh - you are so right. Quick, to the patents office!

Christina - it was fascinating! nice wv. I am going to start saying that.

Joff - 3-4 weeks, huh? thank you for that encouraging thought.

Madame DeFarge said...

Lie down and let it all wash over you. Well, maybe not literally.

Baglady said...

This post is sick.

I hear that in trendy kidspeak these days that is good.

wv=dorsiese when you can't get in to your car in the morning due to frost or inadequate oiling.

Anonymous said...

Sit on the toilet with a basin on your lap.
Hope you feel better soon. It's a horrid thing.

becca said...


I remember waking up after a particular heavy night of drinking in nothing but a towel, my boyfriend sleeping beside me. I look at my phone to a text at 3am that said "I just had to pull over 3 times so you could puke and i'm sitting in the dark eating wendys, and who knows when you'll get this...but i love you."

That's the best those kind of situations can hope for, I think...

Josh said...

His and hers toilets - now you can spend EVERY waking moment together