Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No News

Here are my three favourite non-news headlines of the day:

"Jennifer Lopez Falls on Butt" - in which Jennifer Lopez falls on her butt.
"Icebergs may threaten shipping" - No! Really?
"Tintin In the Can" - Oh, so that's where he is.

Nothing else to report - busy day wurkn, no time fo' blogn - except that I have a question about porn. How do they cast the actors? Do they hold auditions? 'cause that would be an amusing social situation. "I'm sorry, Harry, you and Jenna just don't have the right... fit."

NO. I am not going to a porn casting just to amuse you guys. The nudist camp was bad enough.


Andy said...

I think an email to Mr Crowe would probably get you a fast answer...

visit here

And.. no mention of the earth quake around Tonga? could of slipped it in between Jo Lo on the down low & the Ice bergs...

a cat of impossible colour said...

You should totally go to a porn casting. Although, do we even have locally-made porn?

BUY NEW ZEALAND-MADE PORN, PEOPLE! Support small business.

(Safer communities together)

Baglady said...

Damn. And I was about to show you all my best moves.


wv=exinori When you're got a speech impediment and you're trying to say that Norman is sexy this is maybe what it might perhaps sound like. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

today IS my birthday

IT IS ALLY said...

Andy - I presume you have his email address? Earthquake around Tonga is not FUNNY and therefore inconsequential (except, presumably, to Tonga).

Andrea - I'm not sure. I don't think the NZ accent would add a lot. Maybe I should START the NZ porn would think we'd have one, though?

Baglady - pretty sure I've never met a sexy Norman in my life. That being said, I did meet a sexy Nigel, so I guess it's never too late.

Anon - Happy Birthday! You know, for the other day.