Thursday, November 12, 2009

RHCheese, Part Two

*if you missed it, here's part one

'Two Arrested Over Cheese Heist'

A man and woman face burglary and drugs charges after being arrested for a cheese heist in Manawatu today.
The arrests came after a rail worker spotted people acting suspiciously on a track near Halcombe, northwest of Palmerston North, about 7am.
They drove away in a car throwing blocks of cheese out the window as they went, but were stopped by police and arrested soon afterwards.
Eight 20kg blocks were recovered in the area and another five were found further northwest near Marton, said police spokeswoman Kim Perks [ ... ] Ms Perks said after the train, which had been carrying the cheese, arrived in Auckland today it was discovered that five of its containers had been broken into.
Investigations were continuing as to what else may be missing from the cargo.
Police said this morning it was believed passers-by had helped themselves to cheese blocks found by the roadside.

Objective accomplished! Cheese for the people! I am writing a movie script based on this. It will be ready tomorrow.

On another note, I have 40 followers! Thank you, everyone who has followed me. Even those of you who no longer read my blog (you don't know who you are). Getting more followers makes my day - I am not kidding. So thank you.


chris.dadness said...

You are just getting a spike now due to the cheese crime news. They'll stick with you through the court case and sentencing, but be ready for a big drop off in readers after that. Cheese crime buffs are fickle.

Nick said...

Drawn in by the haiku, but staying on for the cheese crimes! It's an excellent strategy for getting more followers :)

Shirley Dockerill said...

could the ending to the cheese film be something to do with a fondue?

IT IS ALLY said...

Chris - I know, I know. They are a fickle bunch. But hopefully when they leave again they won't bother to unfollow.

Nick - Thank you! The downside is that I may start engineering cheese crimes.

Shirley - YES. It could and it will.

Shirley Dockerill said...

oh dear. you could call the film 'Who Moved my Cheese'