Friday, November 13, 2009

Ten Thoughts

Fuck work is slow today. (Public holiday.) It is so slow that I am on Twitter.
On the upside, boss is not in, so I'm considering extending my traditional Shoeless Friday to Shoeless Drunken Smoking-in-the-Office-Playing-Nethack-All-Afternoon Friday.
Here are some thoughts I am having. They're not very interesting but they are numbered.

  1. On impulse, bought! Is tempting to sit on laurels about this but the fucking thing cost ridiculous amounts of money so I better make it into a sexy new website. Will be enlisting team of website-minded friends for the technical side, also the design side and any other sides which crop up. Most of them do not know this yet.
  2. Following on from recent cheese dramas, I have thrown together an idea for a screenplay. It is not as good as the ad I made for John Key but that's OK. It is called As Gouda It Gets and when it is finished I am sending it to Hollywood, or maybe Andrea and I will apply for funding and whack together an independent Kiwi film 'cause that's pretty hot right now. Audition details to follow.
  3. I love my t-shirt. My sister bought it for me yesterday. It says, GIVE ME A CHANCE, I GROW ON YOU! Then there is a picture of a large, smiling, cartoon mustache.

  4. I'm hungry. Why is my headset not working? Why is my headset not working? Oh I got mayonnaise in it.
  5. Work computer will not let me play NetHack. Hate work computer. Hate hate hate. Why is there no app to play NetHack on my phone? Why do I not have an iPhone? Everyone I know has one. I am going to buy a Netbook next Weds though, when I get paid. Whee, paid.
  6. A while ago, in a question and answer post, otherworldlyone asked what ex-boyfriends most missed about me. At the time I think I said, "I'm kind and pay for stuff," but have come up with an answer, best summed up by boyfriend quote. "You're a never-ending supply of cigarettes and sex and beauty and polite conv- intelligent conversation." So now you know.
  7. I want a glass of wine. This is ridiculous. I am so bored. And getting grumpier by the minute. Checkin' the death notices, checkin' the birth notices. Yesterday I took a notice over the phone for a baby whose middle name was Banjo. I have never concentrated so hard on not laughing in my life. I had to read it back to them, too- "Ok, so that's George, G-E-O-R-G-E, Banjo, B-A-N-J-O..." Banjo is his name! Oh! WANT A GLASS OF WINE.
  8. Just spend about 3 mins trying to find my stapler. Had put my calculator on top of it.
  9. Have just read time management tip, "Lists are the timelines you make yourself." Does that make any sense to anyone? TRITE. I am going to make up my own time-saving tips and put them into a book and become a millionaire, right after I develop the matching iPhone app. Here are some previews. See if you feel inspired.
    Don't do up your hiking boots unless you plan to climb.
    The beaver dam-builds with his friends but when he swims, he swims alone.

  10. Last night I went to a Beauty and the Geek party. Look. Here I am.


Joff said...

I totally have that same "C Programming" book.

Will you be the beauty to my geek?

Kaileigh said...

I used to have days in the office like that too, Etsy is a wonderful waste of time for me :) Except I would become convinced that I needed things such as tiny felted owls or wiener dogs...

Owen said...

hot dang thats a sweet tie!

IT IS ALLY said...

Joff - depends. How do you feel about programming websites?

Kaileigh - tiny felted weiner dogs sound awesome! my (older) sister tried to knit a weiner dog once. It did not work.