Friday, December 18, 2009


This just happened:
"Welcome to [newspaper], you're speaking with Ally."
"Hi, this is Paul McCartney. I didn't get a paper this morning."
He had an English accent and anything! It was totally the real P McC (not sure what he's doing in Christchurch though). I have a faint affinity with him because I look very PMcC-esque in my most recent passport photo. ("Don't be silly," people say, "I'm sure you don't really-" and then, after a short pause, "Wow, you really do.")

In other news, if I had remembered that the company's Christmas morning tea was this morning I would probably not have worn the t-shirt with the large cartoon panda. I'm a professional. I'm just a professional in a panda t-shirt.

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aleph_naught said...

You really need to start writing newspaper headlines.