Sunday, December 27, 2009

Skype (and Boris)

I used Skype for the first time last night! It has confirmed my belief that we are Living in the Future. (For those of you who are as up with technology as I am, Skype lets you do phone calls and video calls on the Internet.)
It is like in a movie when there is an international crisis involving aliens* and the President gets the Prime Minister on the phone and that huge screen (only it's not huge because the President (me) only has a netbook) pops up and there he is!
Only usually the Prime Minister is wearing a shirt.

*alien porn is the future - Danny is casting one. email if you live in chch and want in

In other exciting news, Mr London Street, who was recently a Blog of Note* and therefore doesn't really need the linky publicity (he has 725 followers! Luckily 1 of my followers is worth 15 of his) mentioned a childhood toy which I couldn't leave unmentioned. It was called Stop Boris! and that was what you did.

This is Boris:
and your job was to stop him. From what I gather Boris ran towards you and unless you hit him right between the eyes with your infrared lasers then Boris did not stop. Best game ever? It is possible. If anyone wants to buy me a Stop Boris! to take to work then go for it. Given that there is a woman in our office who has such a dislike of sharks that a soft toy shark brought in as part of a sales promotion was not allowed to look at her I think it would go down a bloody treat. (The shark sat on a table in the middle of the room, and every time this woman popped out for a minute one of us would spin it around to stare beadily at her desk, and she could not handle it. Were we cruel? Perhaps. Was putting the shark in the office tree (what? doesn't every office have a tree?) exactly at head height awesome? Yes. Yes, it was.)

*I am hoping that if I mention Blog of Note enough I will become one, even though I'm not sure that's how it works


*uncorked said...

I use Skype for work all the time for calls to India at ridiculous hours of the morning or night - only if we did video they'd all see me swigging vodka or chugging coffee in my pajamas. Anyway, that Boris thing is awesome and horrifying. I want it. I need it.

IT IS ALLY said...

I know! Now I have to wear makeup ALL THE TIME in case someone Skypes me. I was pretty happy with the "my boyfriend is somewhere else I can look like a troll" setup I had going. Damn you, technology

The Archduchess said...

Boooooris the spider, Booooooris the spider,
Creepy, crawly, creepy, crawly,
Creepy creppy crawly crawly (and so on and so forth.)

Cool game, though.