Saturday, December 26, 2009

Season's Greetings

Hope everyone had a festive and pleasant Christmas! This is not a long post because I'm still kind of full and also I wanna get back to all that leftover wine* but I wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL (and to all a good night).

*Apparently the average person gain 4 pounds between Christmas and New Year's - Kate's Jehovah's Witness boss told her this though so I'm not sure how credible it is

Our Christmas Dinner was good except that when everyone arrived at 10.30 I was looking for salad servers and had just sliced myself on a knife someone had left in the drawer and said Son of a Bitch which is not very festive. But everything was delicious! Here is what we ate.

- Turkey - I made the stuffing but Mum stuffed the bird because that is disgusting. I sewed up its flaps though. With a needle and thread. To keep the stuffing in. What? Nana always did it.
- Salad (x3) - these were nice but not very interesting so I won't tell you about them
- Port and Cranberry Sauce - this looked DISGUSTING but everyone said it tasted very nice
- New Potatoes - better than Old Potatoes
- Tiramisu - this was amazing, recipe is here if you want to try it. Your family will love you forever. They're meant to anyway I guess, but this will help.
- Brandy Sauce - this was awesome even though I have never made it before, man I am amazing. And humble.
- Christmas Pudding - I lit it on fire! Nothing burnt! Except the pudding! I am finally a grown-up! This is amazing, I am amazing, Christmas is awesome. Couple of people I wish had been here for it but apart from that the day went well.

Have discovered the best thing about Christmas is waking up at 3am on Boxing Day to go to the bathroom and remembering all the leftover food and thinking, "Maybe I'll just break a little bit off that chocolate Santa while I'm going past" and then it's suddenly 4am and there you are watching TV on the internet surrounded by candy wrappers with your face covered in chocolate and that, my friends, is the Magic of Christmas.

PS could the person who sent me an xmas text saying "hello love. hope your christmas dinner is smashing or at the very least you get drunk and eat all the whipped cream. lovelovelove" please txt me again and identify themselves? I need to know if I love you too (in a platonic way; don't make me fetch my (strikingly handsome and trained in martial arts*) boyfriend) or if you are a creepy stalker and I need to notify the police. thanks.

*not really trained in martial arts.** Pretty handsome though. Also intelligent. I could go on. But I won't. And that is my Christmas gift to you. Where has the wine gone?

**that I know of! He totally could be.


TbR said...

I wish I'd had the class to stick to chocolates at 3 in the morning - I raided a plate of leftover beef instead...

Sarah said...

Argh! Ally! I text you that! You deleted me! You don't love me!

IT IS ALLY said...

TbR - the beef was all the way out in the kitchen. The chocolates were kind of right by my bed.

Sarah - yay, mystery solved! I still love you! I just lost my phone (and contacts) about a month ago

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