Saturday, January 02, 2010

Community Spirit

Story time: a little while ago the best thing happened to me & my faith in humanity is (temporarily) restored.

I was waiting at the bus stop, along with a few other people. When the bus arrived, it couldn't pull into the stop properly because someone had parked in it (despite prominently displayed signs telling you not to). The bus driver tooted the horn at the parked car, which was a big shiny car driven by a tanned, balding douchebag who was talking on his cellphone. He did not move, because he was far too important to obey silly little rules about parking in bus stops.

We got on the bus, and the bus tooted again for the dude to move his car. He scooted forwards about 3 metres - still well within the bus lane - and stopped again, still yakking away on the phone, totally unconcerned by the bus driver's irritation. The bus pulled out into traffic, driver muttering obscenities, and drew level with the car. The bus stopped, waiting for the lights to change, and most of the passengers looked out the window at the guy who had refused to move his car. He looked at the bus and smirked.

I gave him the finger. Mainly because the bus driver couldn't, but I felt someone had to. And as I raised my middle finger, about 4 or 5 other people on the bus raised their middle fingers as well until there were a few of us all grinning merrily and flipping the shiny-car douchebag the bird.

It. Was. Awesome. I have never been so proud of my fellow Cantabrians. Shiny-car douchebag went "Hmph" and looked away, then the lights changed and the bus took off and the world was a little bit better.

Also making the world a little bit better: I have 50 followers! Thank you, everyone, for following me.


Holly said...

Hahah that's awesome! Absolutely awesome! :D

Joff said...

51! Muahahahha

Londyn said...


Baglady said...

Fabbo. In my mind it is you and lots of little old ladies because that is who I expect to see on buses.

wv= terables. If you are bad at spelling and grammar you would say you are terables at spelling and grammar.

Juli Ryan said...

It is posts like these that are going to make you a Blog of Note. Then we'll be able to say we knew you when.