Friday, January 01, 2010

Suspender Adventures

Ladies (and men, I don't judge), have you ever worn one of those corset-and-suspender getups, as shown in the educational picture below?


The little clip things are difficult (I had to ask the saleslady to show me how they worked), and there's something ridiculous about being able to see your butt through your undies, and halfway through the evening you realise you have absolutely no idea how to get out of everything at the end of the night, but it's totally worth it for this early 2010, super-alcohol-influenced reaction:

"Wow. Wow! I am dizzy just looking at you." Pause. "Actually I feel really sick."
And then he went and threw up.


My superpower is making people vomit by wearing lingerie? Nice.
EDIT: I was wearing clothes over the lingerie for the better part of the night. Apparently that wasn't really clear in the unedited version.

BUT ALL JOKING ASIDE I had a truly fantastic night. I usually hate NYE, get really shitty about 10pm, get really drunk about 10.30 pm and crash at about 12.04, but this year was lots of fun. Good people + good wine (turns out rose and red bull is quite the combination) = good times. I hope that all of your New Year's''* were as good as mine, although maybe without the part where we were drinking on the beach and a really wasted little emo who was looking for his friend appeared and sniffed me to make sure I was not her. I hope your night was as good as mine but without that part. Also maybe without the part where I was drunk and waving my arms around and broke a glass. But as good as all the other parts, that is how I hope your night was.

*couldn't work out where to put the ' so just whacked a few in in different spots


chris.dadness said...

Wow - everyone has slunk away from commenting on the lingerie story. I had a top NYE thanks, complete with 5 hour electrical storm [that was way better than the fireworks] and a 10 minute drenching as we staggered home from the fireworks-watching knoll in the dark. Our party had been so-so but after we were all saturated things really picked up.

otherworldlyone said...

It was just the booze, of course.

Those things have always horrified me. Torture wear for women.

IT IS ALLY said...

I know, they're all too busy vomiting. Am glad your NYE was good!

ow1 - I know! And I like to think you're right about the booze.

Riadan said...

I ain't never even SEED you in lingerie.