Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I love business stock photos.

I have a job interview today - still at the paper, still in advertising, but looking after corporate real estate clients. I have about a 10% chance of getting it (the job is a little big for me in that it is a Grown Up job and I am a five-year-old), but I am wearing my lucky undies (they have turtles on them!) and Dad is 'crossing everything - makes it hard to have a shower', so I think that should bring it up to about 15%.
It would be nice if you could cross something on my behalf, even though if I actually did get the job I would panic and have no idea what I was doing but hey, it would be nice to flail about in a new environment.

If I did get it, there would be less of this:

And more of this:
Attendees at the 49th Annual Douchebag Convention

EDIT: Just spoke to a real estate agent.
"I want to have a small dark dot in front of each new statement."
"Like...bullet points?"
"Yes! Yes."
Maybe I could look after a bunch of real estate agents after all.


Gary said...

Hey, Good luck climbing the corporate ladder to spreadsheet land.

a cat of impossible colour said...

In that first picture, the guy on the right looks like he just farted and is hoping no one else notices.

Also, turtle underwear is very grown-up! You should wear it next time you have an interview. And be sure to tell them. And give them a glimpse.

"My underwear has turtles on it! Look!"

Good job they aren't real turtles, because that would be painful. Imagine if having turtles was actually a proper medical complaint. Like worms.

Chanel said...

Just wanted you to know that I think you're funny as hell. That is all.

(Just kidding, there's more: I hope you get the interview! I crossed my computer wires for you.)

neon panda said...

That guy on the left is definitely sporting some party hair.
He probably got his job by wearing turtle underwear.

Its a poem. For LUCKS!

IT IS ALLY said...

Garry - thank you! I do so love a good spreadsheet.

Andrea - Well, crabs is a thing. My sister has underwear with crocodiles on, and they have googly eyes!

Chanel - thank you! And thank you for visiting :D

neon panda - congratulations, you are reader of the week. AWESOME POEM

otherworldlyone said...

The fact that I laughed so hard at that cat photo probably means I'm 12 on the inside.

Good luck! Fingers and toes crossed for you. Forget the legs.