Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Or A Camera

Last night our family watched a movie called Dust. It was not very good even though it had both Faramir and the B-listier Fiennes brother in it (or maybe that was why). There was a lot of gratuitous nudity - so much so, in fact, that by the time we were halfway through the movie there was a game of Boob! underway (it's like Horse in that every time you see one you shout, and if you are the first person to shout, you get a point).

Best moment of the film was when a group of conquering troops arrived in the town with the severed head of a rebel leader, and out of the town came a man with one of these

mounted on a tripod.

One of my family members got over-excited and didn't think things through and shouted, "An accordion! On a stick!"

But it wasn't.


otherworldlyone said...

I love the boob game. (I typed "came" first by accident. Or was it?)

uglygirl said...

Darn. I misread this the first time and thought that the "boob" game was part of the movie plot, in which case I thought the movie couldn't be that bad. Foolish of me to think movie people would invent such an excellent game.