Saturday, January 16, 2010


The lovely TC of Tammy's Tale has given me a Beautiful Blogger award! This is pretty exciting (for me) but not so much for you because part of the award is writing 7 things about yourself, and you have to read them and pretend to be interested because there may be a quiz later.

1. I have recently learnt the phrase, "Call me butter, I'm on a roll!" and am trying really hard not to use it.

2. I once had a job dressing up as a fairy for kids' parties.

3. Yesterday Bestfriend Andrea and I went out for coffee and invented the best reality TV show ever - it is called Celebrity Hospital and involves B-grade celebrities (you know, a couple of minor sitcom characters and the chick who came 3rd on Big Brother) interning at a hospital, cleaning bedpans and such. It. Would. Be. Awesome.

4. I am very resilient in the face of upsets - I am Very Sad for a predetermined length of time, and then I put the Sad away and Soldier On (TM). This is one of my favourite things about me.

5. Speaking of Sad, here is a story: I took my boyfriend a cupcake for lunch (as a little surprise present) as I did not know he was going to dump me, and I kind of wish I had eaten the cupcake myself, or smushed it icing-side-up into his stupid weiner face. We're friends now, there will be no face-smushing, but doesn't the cupcake make the story sad?

6. I'm really bad at having Serious Conversations because they make me uncomfortable and I start cracking jokes and then people think I don't care, when actually I am just trying to avoid embarrassing displays of emotion.

7. I really enjoy a glass of ice-cold juice. Orange & Mango is my favourite.

Fascinating stuff, yes? I'm giving the award to EVERYONE because I'm lazy you are all beautiful bloggers. (Except for you, Cupcake Weiner Face. You are not allowed the award.*)

In other news, I'm going to the circus tonight! I will be sure to tell you all about it.

Who would you want to see on Celebrity Hospital?

*oh, alright then, you can have the award too


a cat of impossible colour said...

The cupcake does make a sad story sadder.


This is their plan!

I knew the cupcakes had an agenda.

TC said...

Love the 7...I am totally going to ace the quiz!

I love these awards because it's like, wow, an award! Then, what did you say I have to do now? There's WORK?!?

So, you are welcome! :)

Brooke said...

Celebrity Hospital FTW! I vote for: Sara-Marie from Big Brother, Kimmy from 'Full House', and that dude who leads the band on DWTS.

'Call me butter, I'm on a roll' just got added to my vocab. Watch out workmates!

Also, 6 is totally me too lol.

WV: Sherb - When you can't remember whether something is a herb or a spice? It's a sherb. (I know, that's lame, but it's 30 degrees and my bun won't sit right)

chris.dadness said...

Is that guy Hodge on the telly there still? He cracked me up with his serious face and his ridiculous dark lustrous and foppish curls. (Wow - four adjectives just for the hair, he really made an impact on me, eh.)

I would like to see him on Celebrity Hospital, please.

otherworldlyone said...

#6. Exactly.

WV: "oochie". I'll let you define it.