Saturday, January 16, 2010


Kate, her friend Sarah, and I went to the circus last night - this might be a shortish post because I am busy packing my bags to run away and join the circus (despite my total lack of any circus skills, and also despite the fact that there is a circus school in town and therefore I would not have to run very far).

The circus was awesome! For several reasons I have had a bit of a horseshit week and watching small Chinese persons fling themselves through hoops (actually) proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Maybe I will pretend I am writing a story for the paper and then stow away in the circus truck and live acrobatically ever after? I am just not sure what I would do. I'm pretty sure I fell over getting out of a taxi on Friday night so anything balance-related would be right out. Perhaps running round inside huge steel wheels like crazed hamster?

There was also - and I could not find a photo of this - an awesome Circus Child which wore a sequined gold hooded onesie (aside: this decade should totally be called the Onesies) and did balancing and contortion tricks. It was like a little shiny frog. My children are going to circus immersion school from the age of 18 months.

The guy in white in this photo was the male star & the woman in red was the female - Kate immediately dubbed them the King and Queen of the Circus and proceeded to develop a huge fangirl crush on the King and giggle and say "King of the Circus!!" whenever he came onstage.

Kate also said, "No! You can't tell the blog world about my crush on the King of the Circus!" but I am choosing not to respect that.

Sadly for Kate, I am pretty sure that circus people only marry other circus people - I think it is a rule or something. Can anyone provide more insight into this? I am not going to run away and join the circus if I don't get to have kickass circus children.

(For those who are interested, the circus was Zirka Circus and the homepage is here.)

(ps this post was kind of boring, if you are left unsatisfied you could re-read my exciting story about the Merzombies.)

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